Just Can't Look Away
Right Now - April 2016

Weekend Adventure

Tom and I headed to Pittsburgh last Friday . . . to visit Erin and have a little adventure.

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Erin and Keith moved into a nice, spacious apartment since our last visit, so it was fun to see their new place.  AND . . . meet their kitten, Dash.

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Dash is adorable -- a tiny, mini-panther with tons of energy and fearless athletic abilities!

We ate a lot.


We went on some very cool field trips.  Here is Erin, showing us around the Humanities building at Carnegie Mellon -- where she will (again) be a graduate student in the fall.


We also visited the Phipps Conservatory, a pinball emporium/coffee shop, and a micro-brewery/pub.  (Each place has a story to tell, so watch this space next week.)

Pittsburgh is a great city -- and a fun place to visit.  Especially when you have your own trusty tour guides!  (Also really cool bridges -- that turn color at night.)


Mostly, though, it was great to spend time with Erin and Keith.  Lots of fun; lots of laughs; lots of love!


A perfect weekend adventure!


(Bonus surprise:  Pittsburgh is a few weeks ahead of us, spring-wise.  The dogwood trees are in full bloom everywhere!)



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Looks like a great time away. There's nothing like visiting your kids! I should blog about my trip to NC...there's an idea! :-)


Pittsburgh is the best. Be sure to check out the Frick Mansion sometime. It's across from a beautiful historic cemetery, and also near a wonderful noodle place!

Glad you had a wonderful time.


Looks like a really fun weekend for all of you! Great photos, can't wait to hear more.


Looks like an awesome weekend! I can't wait to hear more too!


How cool to have so much great fun with your kids. The dogwoods are stunning!


I am in love with Dash and Dogwood!


Perfect weekend! Kate & Al spent a little time in Pittsburgh on a road trip a few years ago, and Katie really liked that city!!


what a great adventure! and so fun to see your grown children on their own and thriving. can't wait to see what you have to share next week :-)


Re: mini-panthers. Stumblingoverchaos.com blogger Chris has two black cats, Chaos and Mayhem. The latter's nickname is Panther Princess.


I love the Phipps Conservatory.And Church Brewworks.

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