Attitude Adjustment: A Riff About the Weather
Poetry Friday


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Now that is the perfect indoor activity for spring-that-is-not-spring. Just beautiful!


So sorry about your weather..same here! Our magnolia tree finally bit the dust yesterday and looks so pathetic with frozen limp blooms all over it. It breaks my heart to even look at it. Your art work is just beautiful - you have the gift Kym, to be sure! I'm just a little bit jealous that you can see something so beautiful for your time and effort. I have little gratification with piano lessons - yet! My seven year old granddaughter runs circles around me in that's very humbling! We're all works in progress...onward and upward!


Looks like practice makes perfect! Lovely drawing Kym!


Beautiful painting Kym!! And, yes - Spring can you get springing again, please!!


That's some fantastic artwork, right there! I love it. We are warmer today but cloudy and heavy rains are predicted for later. It looks unsettled and chilly-ish at least until next Monday. Boo.


Your painting looks as ephemeral as the flower it depicts. Keep the faith--Spring is definitely coming!


You have captured the beauty of the hellebore so perfectly! A whole garden can come alive at the end of your pencil. You have an amazing talent!

Barbara S

Beautiful painting. I love the lavender background fading out to yellow. And the detail on the flowers...wonderful.


your painting is lovely. as is the idea of doing art EVERY day. wishing you warmer temperatures and real Spring...maybe it's already arrived since I'm so late reading this?!?

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