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Right Now - April 2016

April . . . was pretty much a blur.  There was winter and there was spring.  There was crazy-busy and there was some relaxing.  But mostly . . . blur.


Here's what's happening for me . . . Right Now.

Watching . . . Prince tribute after Prince tribute.  Prince footage.  I sort of can't look away.  Here is my favorite (so far).


Reading . . . In the ears: Miller's Valley (Anna Quindlen).  In print: Pleasantville (Attica Locke)

Knitting . . . Nearly finished with my toddler sweater -- and . . . just in time.  Because the recipient is growing fast!  Now, I think this one is up next (even though I swore I'd never knit with linen again).

Listening to . . . Sirius radio.  That channel that is just like listening to the car radio back in 1976?  Yep.  That one.  (Pablo Cruise, anyone???)

Drinking . . . Beer on the patio.  (And, my.  That feels good!)

Itching to . . . Plant my herb garden.  (But not quite yet.  I need to be patient for a couple more weeks.)


Humming . . . Poetry Man by Phoebe Snow.  I heard this one the other day - for the first time in probably 30 years or so - and now?  Can't get it out of my head!  (See Sirius radio; above.)

Needing to . . . Put away my winter clothes.  Really.  I'm sure I won't wear them anymore.  (Even if the weather turns winter-y again.)  (Once I put on the flip-flops, it's All Over.)

Dreading . . . Not being able to hear for a couple of weeks.  (Because my hearing aids went haywire yesterday and need repair.)

Celebrating . . . An 80th birthday just around the corner!

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Delighted by . . . Grape hyacinths.  I think I planted about 100 bulbs last fall.  (And I have no regrets!)

Looking forward to. . . Lilacs!  I planted a lilac bush of my own last year -- and it's full of buds.  (And, of course, there is my neighbor's lilac.  Which happens to drape over my side of the fence in a most accessible way . . . )

Thinking about . . . Gratitude.  And feeling the need to acknowledge it in a more intentional way.  Every day.

Planning . . . My garden.  Home improvements.  Trips up north.  My workload.  How to make everything work.

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . right now?


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Great minds think alike, I posted a currents post today, too. I love your grape hyacinths. I have some but I want more! And gratitude. Yes.

Kim in Oregon

I have two raised beds that border the sidewalk and that has a ton of grapes in it. They naturalize like crazy--there are grapes all over our neighborhood that I'm sure some critter carried off from our garden. Love them!

And completely agree that once the flip flops are on, there's no going back!


I was typing a currents when I switched over here. Mine will be tomorrow. We've got some grape hyacinths blooming too which I took a picture of yesterday. And the lilacs...may they beat the frost this year. It's always 50:50. I'd like to drink a beer on your patio together!


Poetry Man... I first heard that song in the art classrooms at my high school (the only rooms in the school that had a "sound system") and I was forever smitten! I love that whole album. And Pablo Cruise and Prince and...


Oh man - that song! I loved Poetry Man! And, how appropriate to close out this month!! Fantastic photos as usual!! And, I am reading and doing nothing else - Mink River, so. good!


it looks like it's nicer in Michigan than in Colorado. We are able to get our third hammering of spring snow. Bleech! Grape hyacinths are the best--so prolific and cheerful.


I love these posts for getting caught up on all you have going on. Plenty of good stuff to be grateful for and all that beauty blooming around you. plus music recommendations. thank you!


Love that tribute link! I love a good guitar solo. Will have to do a similar search. Weather has been crazy here in the middle of Texas. We've had hail twice in the last two weeks and it really beats up the tomato plants. Looks like a massacre of leaves. Lettuce is doing well and squash is coming along. You will be knee deep in the garden before you know it!


Over the last week I've learned more about Prince than I ever thought possible. What an amazing man he was. Listing gratitudes is the best way for me to make it through some days. Spring has ended her blooming season and we've had nothing but rain for over a week, but I think sun is on the horizon!! Happy Weekend!

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