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Poetry Friday

It's Friday . . . and it's National Poetry Month.

Let's have some poetry, shall we?

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You might see an angel anytime
and anywhere.  Of course you have
to open your eyes to a kind of
second level, but it's not really
hard.  The whole business of 
what's reality and what isn't has
never been solved and probably
never will be.  So I don't care to
be too definite about anything.
I have a lot of edges called Perhaps
and almost nothing you can call 
Certainty.  For myself, but not
for other people.  That's a place
you just can't get into, not 
entirely anyway, other people's

I'll just leave you with this.
I don't care how many angels can
dance on the head of a pin.  It's
enough to know that for some people
they exist, and that they dance.

                        ----  Mary Oliver, Blue Horses


(The photo, above, is a tree peony.  In bloom at a nursery near me.)


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I've been thinking about angels a lot lately...this poem is one of my new favorites!


Simply lovely -- both the peony and the poem. There's a line from another Mary Oliver poem about "something inexplicable made plain", and she does it beautifully here.


I love this poem more than I can say. Thanks for sharing it, and Happy Weekend!


What a lovely poem, thanks for sharing it.


Mary's words are always remarkably astute. I apologize for not following through by blogging on poetry Friday.


Beautiful poem - especially the last lines. Yes, that is indeed a lovely thing to think of! Happy Weekend, Kym!


Mary Oliver always delivers. Thanks for sharing that one.

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