What a Difference 6 Days Makes!

Only Ten?

Some Ten on Tuesday topics are oh-so-much harder for me to put together than others.  

Like this week.  Ten Albums We Love.


Only ten?

Because.  Well.  I love a lot of albums.


Loving an album, you see, is so much . . . more . . . than loving a song.  To love an album, you need to love each and every song.  Each. One.  And, for me . . . there are just so many!

It sort of pains me to limit myself to only ten.  So I had to pretend that I was stuck on a desert island, and could only have 10 albums on my iPod.  To listen to forever.  Here they are (and, if you know these albums, you'll notice that I've stacked the deck with four double-albums; so bonus!):

  1. Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  2. White Album - The Beatles
  3. Nevermind - Nirvana
  4. Joshua Tree - U2
  5. Tapestry - Carole King
  6. Unplugged - Eric Clapton
  7. Hotel California - The Eagles
  8. Rearviewmirror - Pearl Jam
  9. So Far - Crosby Stills Nash & Young
  10. In Your Honor - Foo Fighters

But it really does pain me.  And I'd try to sneak in another ten . . . Kind of Blue, Rumours, The Stranger, Harvest, Breakfast in America, Brothers in Arms, Synchronicity, Red Octopus, A Few Small Repairs, Jagged Little Pill . . . 

How about YOU?  What albums do you love best?


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Wow, this is a great list! (your overflow list is too!) Choosing just 10 was soooo hard! I like the desert island analogy. And, double albums for. the. win!


I love how none of you can really limit it to ten albums! I must be too picky or have some sort of glitch in the music part of my brain because I couldn't even come up with one. Now if Carole had asked this question back in the 70s ...


LOVE your list! I had Joshua Tree on my list but took it off. And Tapestry and Synchronicity - I could have listed those, too.

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Great list! I am way too indecisive to make a list of ten but I am loving reading these.


Loving this topic and your lists!! Breakfast in America! Brothers in Arms!


Amazing list! And the addendum is awesome, too!


Many on your list are albums I could listen to (and have listened to) over and over!


Today's tot had to be so difficult. I love lots of different kinds of music depending on my mood!


Breakfast in America...every. song. Great list...I really should have included something U2 because...And I love your double album angle!


A stunning list! So smart to throw in the double album sets. Synchronicity would be a fine addition if one more could just squeeze on in.


LOVE all these eclectic lists...and no one has "just 10"! The Stranger is certainly one of mine, too.


To me Tapestry is a given. Would musical soundtracks be cheating? Because just mention South Pacific and all 14 songs instantly come to mind. Too easy, maybe-:).

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