Organizing . . . with a Bullet
Attitude Adjustment: A Riff About the Weather

Keep Calm. Carry On.

Sometimes . . . 

life just gets overwhelming.


Life stresses.

Background noise.

Seemingly unfixable problems.

Here's what I do  . . . to calm myself down. . .

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  1. Meditate.  (I am a firm believer in the power of meditation and mindfulness practice.) 
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Then . . . another.
  4. Repeat a mantra.  ("I am enough" . . . )
  5. Stretch. (Go deep into some Warrior poses.)
  6. Work out.  (There is much restorative power in a good, hard workout.)
  7. Journal.  (Write. It. Out.)
  8. Get outside.  (Walk.  Breathe.  Pull a weed.  Or two.)
  9. Move your hands.  (Knit.  Stitch.  Paint.)
  10. Play with your dog.  (Or your cat.  Just . . . touch it.)

Feel better?  I sure do!  How do you keep yourself calm?


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The common theme to calm seems to be hidden in creativity. I love your list - and Sherman does too!


Writing is a good one that I forgot. I think just getting outside and breathing in fresh air works great too. You have some good suggestions on your list!


I'm new to meditation, but you and Carole have gotten me to give it a real try. It works (as long as I actually do it)! I also like your "altar" photo; I think it would calm me down a bit to put together something lovely like that.


That's a great list! I need to give myself some time to try meditation...


This is a thoughtful list. I am very interested in how you got started with meditation. You and Carole definitely seem to have found it beneficial.


Excellent. I'm so grateful for the changes meditation has brought to my life.


ahhh...calm.... the lists are simple, but some days achieving calm is just.plain.hard!


One thing I know for sure, since we lost Moxie my anxiety has increased. As soon as we can a dog will be added to the family.


Thank you! I really needed this post today because sometimes life just gets in the way.

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