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Attitude Adjustment: A Riff About the Weather

The weather has taken a turn for the crappy.

It was just a few weeks ago that the weather-folk were going on (and on) about some sort of "Bermuda Ridge" (apparently the opposite of the "Polar Vortex;" obscure weather phenomena only recently "named") and the promise of an early and warm spring.

Now, I don't usually pay overmuch attention to the weather-folk.  (Because biggest hype-machines ever.)  But I do tend to get a little excited when they start to throw around terms like . . . 

early spring


get ready for a hot one


We've got snow.  Frigid temperatures.  And no end in sight.

(Bermuda Ridge my a$$.)

I'm trying to adjust my attitude.  But, man.  It is hard.  Because March . . . was warm and pleasant.

I started working in my garden here and there - preparing.

I got my bike all ready to go.

Shoot . . . I even got my flip-flops out.

(Really, though.  I should know better by now.)

Lucky for me, these guys are hanging in there . . . and giving me something to smile about.


Hope abounds.


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They are something to smile about. After our huge blizzard with about four feet of snow on top of the tulips, they are blooming, but horizontally, not vertically. So hang in there and maybe embrace a new perspective lol.


"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics," and those weather people use all of them. I planted peas in March when it was nice and warm, but with snow and 15° temps at night I'm not surprised they haven't germinated. Pea-planting again at the end of April!


Same complaint in coastal Rhode Island...cold, snow here and there, and spring flowers that are struggling mightily to survive an early bloom this year...tulips, daffodils, and a magnificent magnolia tree. Damn Mother nature! I put away our winter coats and boots, etc., and got my bike ready and flip flops...started working in my garden...and walked with temps in the low 20's this morning...colder than most of our winter months combined! Spring, p-l-e-a-s-e come back...soon!


Okay, I am pretty sure that "Bermuda Ridge" is ... wait for it... over, you guessed it, Bermuda.

Weatherpersons are the most notorious liars ever - and they get paid to lie!! Best forecasting ever - look out the window and see what the day looks like.

No warmth here either, if that helps any - but I did laugh at your post! That counts for a big something in my book today!



It's best to look out the window and forecast your own weather. If I could share our weather with you I would, as it's been beautiful. Yesterday we had a cool down, but today is warm and lovely again. I found several colors of hellebores at Red Butte and, of course, thought of you! Spring is so fickle, but I hope she brings you some warmth and joy soon!


I am SO with you on this. We've got snow still on the trees and the ground and our temps were record lows this morning. W.T.F.


Freaking freezing. Hats, mittens, BOOTS. But thanks for the laugh!


Sadly, we've experienced 2 snowstorms here (outside Toronto) since we arrived home from Mexico on Friday. So glad I didn't remove the snow tires from my car! Hang in there.

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Same here. Time for some warmer breezes.


this trip to NYC - Sara sees SPRING and I'm seeing one last opportunity for boots and sweaters - has been a great lesson for me about the weather. Hope you get to "real" Spring soon!


The weather is absolute craziness. You can't be faulted if your patience is wearing thin, especially with that new bike!


Good thing I never heard about the Bermuda Ridge!! We're finally on an upward trend, with plentiful sunshine! I might get a pedi tomorrow. ;)

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