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Let's just say . . . you're knitting a cute little sweater for a toddler.

With (a little bit) tricky intarsia pocket thing going on.

With English instructions, but not written in "American."  

(By which I mean "cm" are listed first/"in" second.)

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Pay attention to those "cm."

(Because they are NOT the same as "in.")

(Just sayin.)


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When we were learning the metric system way back in elementary school, I remember the teacher saying that the US would be "going metric" very soon. Decades later, I'm still waiting, and I have to remember 2.54. Good luck with those "in."!


Just last night Smith and I were wishing the US had switched to metric in the 60s or 70s when they considered it. Paying attention to knitting instructions is not my forte. Thanks for the advise!


It's always the silly mistakes that trip us up. Hope you are back on the cm track!

Sue N

I can 'do' centimetres but I still think in inches. When we went metric in the UK in the 70s it was mostly currency, we are metric in weights and measures in shops but tend to stick to stones (14lbs) and pounds when weighing ourselves I can't relate to my weight in kilos.

Very occasionally my brain still does a flash conversion into 'old money' - 15p that will be 2/6 (2 shillings and six pence).


Argh!! I absolutely hate when that happens. I do like the Intarsia pockets though and maybe they should be bigger... or smaller? I, unlike Bonny, can't remember those details!


Good knitting advice! I am so glad we haven't gone metric--are we set in our ways?


oh ugh - hope you're back on track! and thank you for the reminder...I just bought a new Rowan pattern book, and checked - it appears all the lengths are listed ONLY as centimeters. I might have to get very good at converting because my brain does not think metric!


Oh this so just bit me in the butt! I'm knitting Hitofude and didn't realize that I purchased yarn based on the cm instead of the inch. Will I have enough yarn??? It remains to be seen. Good luck with yours!


Ooof. Knitting sure keeps us on our toes!

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