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A Confession

For as long as I have been blogging . . . 

(And even before that.)

one of my annual goals has been . . .

Become Proficient With Photoshop.

FullSizeRender 77

I had the software (the full-blown version, mind you) loaded on my computer.  

(I even upgraded once or twice.)

I took classes in using Photoshop.

Live classes.

Online classes.

I'd learn how to use it.  I'd create all kinds of great effects.  Basically, I'd edit the crap out of my photos.

In class.

For my assignments.

But I just never used it on my own.  It seemed like . . . just so much trouble.

So my new-found skills would get rusty.  (Again.)

And then I'd feel bad.  (Again.)

And, each January, declare that this . . . THIS would be . . . The Year I'd Become Proficient in Photoshop.  (Again.)

It has become achingly, painfully clear, though . . . that it just ain't gonna happen.


You know what I did?

I Kon-Mari'd it!

Yep.  I uninstalled that sucker.  Because No Joy.



The photo above?  Lake Michigan waves crashing over the South Haven pier last Saturday.  (And not edited with Photoshop, by the way.)



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Bravo! Out with the No Joy items! It is freeing!! Sooo freeing!

Now, I use Lightroom and it is so easy, and user friendly, and there is an organizational function that I really should use.

But, fantastic photo!


Enjoy that lovely feeling of freedom and the weight of Photoshop being lifted from your shoulders!


There are lots of other ways to edit photos, pick something that works for you and go for it. I use Photoshop a lot but it is definitely time consuming and there is a learning curve, for certain.

Sue N

Yay, go you!


Bravo! Sometimes letting go is the better part of valor!


YAY!!!! that photo looks perfect... it's nice to share life straight out of the camera!


Photoshop is so yesterday! That photo looks magnificent! Since my only camera is my phone I'll use an app from time to time, but mostly, I keep it simple.

Cheryl S.

Yay! It is such an insanely complicated program. Which is fine if you use it all the time, but otherwise, pfft.


Three cheers! Letting go isn't always easy, but once it's done you feel so much better! Now you have more time for all the things that bring you joy!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Excellent choice! It's way too dense of a program to only use occasionally or if you mostly want to spiff up your images for blogging and personal use. It's great if you need it for work or if you want to make the photoediting process into a (time sucking) part of a hobby. When I teach Photoediting classes I demo PicMonkey. It's built on photoshop but is so much more intuitive and user friendly. Plus, free/freemium.


YAY!! Bigger (and more complicated) isn't always better...
Good move.

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