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Did I Build This Ship to Wreck?

Let's have a little music to set the mood today!  


Way, way back . . . in early September.  Like . . . about the time we were shutting down the cottage Up North for the season.  Back before . . . I visited Carole.  Or went to Rhinebeck with Patty.  Before NaNoBloPo.  And Thanksgiving.  And Christmas.  And the bleak, snowy days of winter.  Before Valentine's Day.  Before the crocus popped up in my garden . . . 

I started knitting this sweater.

And it went on.  And on.  And on.


Did I drink too much?

Was I losing touch?

Did I build this ship to wreck?


It was just tedious.

But, thanks to Margene's encouragment (she had knit one of her own, you see; and I had seen it with my own eyes . . . and even touched it), I continued on.  And, thanks to Kathy's prompting me to "finish before Easter" . . . well, I carried on!

And.  I'm really glad I did!


Because Margene was right!  I DO love it!

I'm so glad I didn't go down with my ship.

(Ravelry details here.)


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Gorgeous yarn and a really beautiful sweater! I'm glad you persevered (and love your perfect music and project pairings)!


Gorgeous!! YOU DID IT!!!!! And, with time to spare!! Yay!!!!

It looks so fantastic on you, the colors are spectacular!!

Also, after reading something on the Font of All Knowledge - aka Facebook, my utilization of exclamation points is apparently not a thing. However, I am not removing any due to the exuberance of this post! !!! xoxo


I know that knit! Congrat's on a beautiful FO Kym (oh those small needles). It looks terrific!


All that hard work is behind you and you have been rewarded with a lovely spring sweater! That blue-green yarn is fantastic. Wear it in good health!


That looks awesome on you! And perfect for this in-between time of year, too. Congrats on finishing. It's epic!


That's lovely. The color looks fantastic on you. Well worth the effort.


SO happy you love it! The color, and the sweater as a whole, look fantastic on you! It's perfect for you in every way and I hope you wear for a long, long time!!!

Kim in Oregon

Wow congratulations! It is indeed beautiful.


There are those sweaters that are better to own than to knit -- This one is beautiful and looks great on you -- great color (and yarn!) and style. Congratulations and way to hang in there!


That looks really great on you.


Sooo pretty! I have knit quite a few of Ann Hanson sweaters, so worth it.
It looks great and the color is fabulous!


It's beautiful--kudos to you for hanging in!


I love this pretty and it fits you perfectly.


FABULOUS!!! starting a sweater is fun, but finishing one - that fits and looks great! - really puts a smile on your (mine too!) face!!


It looks fabulous. All you need now is a runway. You'd be right at home with all the models. Glad you were able to persevere.




Oh my goodness, that is the most lovely sweater! Congrats. It looks amazing on you!


Well, THAT was a definite improvement over Tuesday! Looks great :-)

Susan M

LOVE your sweater!! Are you going to Rhinebeck this year? (Did you get my letter??) Susan from Ohio

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