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I went to a Master Gardener conference all day on Saturday in Grand Rapids.


It was a really great conference.  Good speakers; interesting topics.  It inspired me to get back out there in the garden again.

One thing that made me laugh out loud (really), though?  Two of the speakers referred to "floral resources."  And one of them actually made the comment that "to attract pollinators to the garden, gardeners should increase floral resources."

Say . . . what?

THIS gardener translates that turn of phrase into a call for MORE PLANTS.

Okay, then.

Challenge accepted!





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It's often funny when people try to make things more complicated than they need to be, but I'm all for increased floral resources, expanded frondescence, and more plants!


What a silly way to put it. More plants sounds good to me.


Floral resources...tough talk for a Saturday! :-)


Floral resources? Thank you, Your Officiousness! I suspect there's more meaning than plant more, but it's hiding beneath that silly phrase.


That one is right up there with "plant material".


thank you for translating...I thought they were asking for more nurseries!


Floral resources, aka flowering plants that insects like! Hahahaha!


I'm going to try that phrase on a few people I know, including my Master Gardener sister. Hilarious!


Plants and blossoms! Isn't it funny how our language is changing and everything is a commodity.


Jargon hits the garden ;-)

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