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Still Standing

Tom and I drove to Grand Rapids last night for a concert.


Elton John!

(As you can see, our seats were not terribly close.)  (But we were lucky to have seats.  This concert sold out in 15 minutes.)

It was just fabulous!  All of my favorites!  (Let's just say . . . I'll be humming Elton John tunes for weeks to come.)

Here's a shot of the crowd during Candle in the Wind.


And then I got all into it and started waving my phone around with everyone else.  But I forgot I still had the camera on, and took this picture by mistake.


The whole night was pretty awesome!

I'm tired this morning . . . but I'm Still Standing  (yeah, yeah, yeah . . . )



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What fun! Looks like you had a reasonable bird's eye view of the stage. Great photos.


So great! Songs of our lifetime.


The Press sent me an email this morning about how great the concert was, they must have been sitting behind you! And, best shot - the one you did not plan!


You and Tom were out late on a school night, but it looks like a good time was had by all. Now we'll all be humming Elton tunes along with you (Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza)!


oh yeah! I'm amazed Elton is Still Standing after all these years! he does put on a wonderful show and I'm glad y'all got to see him...even on a school night ;-)


Fantastic! I'm totally jelly!


Lucky you! I've been a big fan of Elton John for many (many, many) years.


Elton John--be still my heart!


Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love the unplanned photo!


I like your mistake photo. Honestly, some of my photo-of-the-days I've liked best were mistakes.

Sue N

I was never a huge fan but friends bought me a ticket a few years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it, such a showman and talented musician.


Get out there and go see them! I've been kicking myself because I didn't see the Eagles before Glenn Fry passed away. Carpe diem!


So fun! I've been thinking of you every time I hear an Elton John song!!


Cropped, that last photo would make great computer wallpaper ;-)

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