Keeping Track . . . or Not
A Month . . . of Poetry

Right Now - March 2016

March came in like a lion . . . but it's (pretty much) going out like a lamb.

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I know spring -- and especially early spring (like . . . March) is fickle.  But I'm sure ready for the Real Deal to begin!

Here's what's happing for me . . . Right Now.

Watching  Well.  Nothing on television.  Because I've decided to move into a cave until the ugliness of the presidential campaign is behind us.  (I do come out to vote.)  (And watch movies.)

Reading  In my ears: The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante (the 4th in this excellent quartet; I'm going to miss this series after I read this one);  in print: The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks (good; compelling; but . . . well.  Confusing Bible names throw me off.)

Knitting  An adorable little toddler pullover for a great-niece-in-law (Tom's brother's son's daughter).  I missed making her a baby sweater (because timing) -- so need to hurry and get this toddler sweater off the needles before she grows some more!

Listening to  Bruce Hornsby.  (We'll be seeing him in concert as part of the Gilmore Piano Festival next month.)


Dreading  Taxes.  This weekend.  They WILL be done.  (And that is all I'm gonna say about that.)

Drinking  Chocolate milk.  Red wine.  Whisky.  (But not together.)

Planning  I'm creating my "Plant Watch List" of things I want for my garden this year.  I do this each year -- and it's a great way for me to stay loyal to my garden plan.  (Because it's so tempting to just start buying every pretty bloom I see.  And especially in the spring, when I'm starved for blooms.)


Looking Forward to  Riding my new birthday bike.  Something new . . . a bit of a risk . . . but certainly - adventures ahead!

Humming  Bennie and the Jets.  (Yeah.  Still.)  (I tried to embed a video, but they're all restricted.  You'll have to sing it on your own.)  (I'm sure you already are. . . )  

Itching to  Do some sewing.  A copy of Merchant & Mills new Workbook (long ago pre-ordered) arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

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Delighted by  Tea Drops.  My sister sent me a box for my birthday.  Tasty.  Cool.  And they work just the way they say they will!

Organizing  I continue chipping away at organizing my digital photos.  It's a giant task -- and may never be truly complete.  But I'm working at it.  (It's made me just put my "real" camera aside for the time being.  Because, really.  I don't want more photos to organize right now.)

Enjoying Thunderstorms!  When they aren't violent, I just love a good thunderstorm.  

Celebrating  The end of an era and the beginning of something new.  ;-)

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . right now?



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I'm so glad to see Garden Buddha sitting in greening flora with no snow! You've got some good stuff here. Your Plant Watch list is an excellent idea, and I can now add something else to my own list: Resisting - Tea Drops until I drink up my tea stash (but I can only resist Chocolate Earl Grey for so long!)


I'm so happy to hear you are celebrating the beginning, that's a great way to look at this change. Plus, more time together. I though The Secret Chord was okay but I didn't love it like I loved Year of Wonders, that's for sure. Curious about the Tea Drops, off to investigate!

Patty new beginnings in your family. :-) I shall begin a baby blanket on our Rambo Asheville trip next week (only 5 days total and 2 @ 1.5 will be driving). And my change brings on the photo organization challenge as well. I'm going to look at it like a class I have to go to!


I still miss the Neapolitan series. Together they told a compelling story of friendship that's stayed with me. I love Hornsby and John Mayer together with The Dead. What a great band. I've thought about getting a bike and I might ride Smith's around to see if it's something my bones and back could handle. You're going to love the next chapter of your life together. It's going to be GRAND!!


I swear to god, Benny & The Jets is on the radio as I read/type this! That's the second time this has happened -- the other was Tiny Dancer. Weird that it was Elton both times???

I *LOVE* Bruce Hornsby!! That'll be fun.

I hope you love your bike! I am aiming to get more miles on mine this year.


...and our March came in like a lamb is apparently going out like a lion. I like yours better! Love the new bike and those tea drops. and looking forward to watching your garden unfold. Happy (almost) Friday!


Those Tea Drops look intriguing. A perfect gift for my DIL's upcoming birthday. Thanks for the link.


1. Netflix is a savior during election season.
B. I'm gonna go outside today, even though it is 34 degrees, and rake the mulch off the perennial bed outside my front door. There are about half a dozen croci that have managed to push through and bloom; that leaves 119 others that are choked under the mulch.
III. ::shame face:: I have had a reminder on my computer for a week to send you a snail mail birthday card. But this damned election is taking up all my time. So please accept my best wishes for many many more natal anniversaries.
c. Another thunderstorm lover here.

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