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Up here in the north, Easter - and especially an early Easter - is very often accompanied by cold.  And snow.  And definitely UN-spring-like weather.  (I remember, many a year, dressing up in new Easter finery -- and then piling on winter coats and scarves and boots and hats and mittens.)  (And I remember thinking how ludicrous an OUTDOOR Easter egg hunt would be.)

But, this year?

FullSizeRender 72

Beautiful weather.

Beautiful spring day.

Beautiful celebration.

FullSizeRender 74

Pretty much a perfect spring day!

(Ahhhh!  Breathe in that spring air. . . )

FullSizeRender 73

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful!



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It was warm here for a bit in the afternoon, too. Glad you had a good day!


I grew up in upstate NY and have similar memories. Indoor pictures show us in our Easter outfits and outdoor pictures show us up bundled up in snow suits! Enjoy the fine spring weather!


We also had a picture perfect Sunday. It was clear and beautiful, but still a bit chilly. Snow this week will bring us back to the realities of spring. Your day looks marvelous!


Beautiful photos of a beautiful day! It was gorgeous here too.


Glad you had a wonderful day! We took a nice long walk and it was perfect!


I love all the flowers you included in your table setting -- just beautiful!


Oh! Look at that green grass. After our recent snowfall (Thursday), I noticed the greening of the 'hood. Love it!!

That flower is GORGEOUS!! Glad you had such a wonderful day.


The grass is so green! Not so much here in Minnesota; we're still pretty brown. But there is hope and so much to look forward to in the garden with spring on the horizon. I love seeing your photos of the early blooms.


if Spring had to choose one place to spend the weekend, I think she chose well! thank you for sharing it with us!


The day started off overcast, rainy and cool. But, as is common in Texas, by the afternoon the sun was out, the grass was dry for that egg hunt and the light sweaters were left inside. Glad you had a beautiful spring day too!

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