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On Hellebores Watch: Beginnings

We had some sunshine and a bit of warmth this past week . . . just enough to move my hellebores to the brink of blooming.

This one will pop open next week, I'm guessing.

Bud 2

And this one?  It's a newer plant; I put it in just last year.  Still rather small; not so many buds.  But beautiful!  I can't wait to see it pop.

Bud 3

And here is my oldest hellebores plant.  I've had it for nearly 10 years now.  It has been a faithful bloomer -- and has actually spawned several "baby hellebores" that are now transferred to various spots in my garden.  (Best kind of plant to have, in my opinion.  Hard working, beautiful blooms, and self-propagation!)  

It tends to be way ahead of some of my newer hellebores varieties.

Bud 1



We're expecting some decidedly COLD temperatures over the weekend.  But these hellebores just don't care!  They're early spring-blooming plants --- and they don't mind cold OR snow.  They bring such joy as the garden is just coming alive again.

Have a beautiful weekend!


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Beautiful. We are supposed to get snow on Sunday, possible 8 inches. Sigh.


They do look like high-performing plants -- interesting buds and beautiful flowers! I've never seen a bloom up close and love those speckled petals and cluster of stamens. A lovely weekend to you, Kym!


Absolutely gorgeous. I think I need to add some of them to my garden!


Thanks for the lovely view of the blooms! You can't help but be hopeful for real spring looking at them. Happy Friday Kym!


Glorious photos! When I redo my garden I will definitely add hellebores to the mix.


Orchids have nothing on these gorgeous hellebores. What troopers they are! Here in beautiful Colorado we have about seven inches on the ground and more coming! Oh well, happy weekend!


Gorgeous, gorgeous! It will be a little bit before they come up at Red Butte, but I'm going to start looking for them now! You have the loveliest of gardens!


Snow here again.



so pretty! ...and I just learned that Lenten Rose is the same thing... I'm noticing them a lot around my neighborhood. now that I know what they are I guess. The color palette is perfect for early spring. makes me want to knit a shawl with pale green and pink!



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