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Not Superstitious . . . Just a Bit Grumpy

Today's Ten on Tuesday - Ten Superstitions We Believe In - doesn't quite work for me.  Because I'm not superstitious, and I couldn't think of ONE . . . let alone ten . . . superstitions I believe in.  Really.  I even step on cracks without the least bit of guilt.


So.  Not superstitious. 

But borderline irritated; sort of . . . grumpy, I guess.

How about I list my grumps instead (just for fun)?

  • Last night, as I walked the dogs, I saw this very cool sundog as the sun was going down.  By the time I stopped, took out my camera, and tried to take a picture, the cloud cover had changed ever-so-slightly and I couldn't get a good shot.  (The photo above is NOT it, by the way.  It's just a regular old sunset.)
  • The simple- and straightforward-looking online "letter of intent" I was working on yesterday (with a deadline today) turned out to have "trapdoors."  Click an answer from a drop-down list (yes or no, for example) . . . and whole new sets of questions (requiring detailed answers) appear.  Man, that made me grumpy.
  • I stopped at the post office yesterday afternoon to mail a couple of packages -- and was surprised to find the line out the door.  Like it was Christmas -- without the jolly.  The line was so very long and so very slow that I left after 10 minutes.  (Now I get to try again today.)
  • Yesterday I got an estimate from a painter for removing the wallpaper (the last of it; my entire house was wallpapered when we bought it almost 14 years ago) and painting two rooms.  I was expecting one price range -- but was quoted more than double.  (Looks like I'll be doing that nasty job myself.)
  • Snow and ice is in the forecast.  (I can't even.)
  • And there were a few other things . . . that have no business on the blog.  (Y'know?)

Just one of those days.  Minor, silly grumps.  First world problems.  I'm feeling better today.  So far.  
(Until I hit that post office again.)


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Be first in line at the post office. It's the only way to get in and out quickly. Doing as much as possible on-line also keeps me from too much frustration. It's pouring rain at the moment and, hopefully, the snow will stay in the mountains. Spring Fever has a way of making us impatient and grumpy. I hope your forecast improves soon!


I hear you. One of my biggest P.O. grumps is people who have been standing in line with you for MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES and then when it's their turn, they are not prepared at all! Come on, folks, you had time to get your wallet out, to fill out the form, etc. GAH! Drives me nuts ...


I do like your take on ToT; I couldn't think of a single superstition either, but can almost always come up with grumps. The po (post office or pissed off, you decide) is first among them. I have had so many packages to CO go astray that I now have a "guy" I can call at our local po whose job it is to try and fix things. He's done it at least four times for me, and his best advice was to drive an extra 5 miles and mail things from the po in the next town over. May your lines be short and your wallpaper fall down by itself!


I do as much P.O. business from home as I can... it's surprisingly easy, usually cheaper, and I can schedule home pick up. I've even done it for international mail. All you need is a USPS account, a tape measure, and a scale. LOVE.

Blasted Winter Storm Watch!!


I am sending you a cup or two of good cheer today to ease the grumps, if not send them out the door.

I can't physically come and help with your wallpaper issue, but I might know an "aid" in helping get it down. Liquid fabric softener and hot water (tried and true and very reasonably priced!) It really does work - even on un-sized walls. Here is a recipe from Good Housekeeping!

Kim in Oregon

I have suffered through all your grumps--and will experience them again, I'm sure! Wallpaper and the PO are both in separate rings of hell as far as I'm concerned! Along with people who don't use turn signals (grump grump grump).


But the poppy picture on your blog is just beautiful. :-) Here's to a better day today. I actually know for a fact that things are better as of today. Sending some of that your way.


It's not like you AT ALL to be grumpy! I hope today is better and you breeze through the post office, too.


Come lately comment--I am not superstitious either but some supertistions are kind of fun! Arghhhhh, it's Wednesday and we have big snow drifts and at least 13 inches of snow here!


a bit behind on blogs this week, but hope Elton John cleared up all your grumps!! (no superstitions for me either!)


I'm with you on the not-believing-in-superstitions. And the grumps. Hope the rest of the week went better! (I'll find out now -- off to read the rest of the week's posts.)


my fix for the PO is using our local STAPLES store to mail packages, they do both USPS and UPS here in MA, how about near you? and by the way they are pretty pleasant about it and don't charge any extra for the niceness....

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