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Right Now - March 2016

Keeping Track . . . or Not

I lost track of how old I was when I turned 25.

I'm not sure what it was, exactly.  But it happened.  (Tom can attest.  I'm always asking him, "How old are we again???)

12th birthday

(Me turning 12.  Trust me.  I knew exactly how old I was then!)

Maybe . . . it was just that I realized that no "big" birthdays (13, 16, 18, 21) were left for me to celebrate.  By 25, I had Achieved Adulthood (at least in terms of years) -- and the only thing looming on the horizon was . . . 30!

So, at 25, I started thinking about my age as "almost 30."

When anyone asked me how old I was, I answered . . . "almost 30."

For five years.

And, then, when I really DID turn 30?  No big deal!  Because, well.  I'd already been "almost 30" for five whole years! 

The same thing happened when I turned 35.  (Almost 40.)

And 45.  (Almost 50.)

Those "milestone birthdays" - when they actually rolled around - were never traumatic for me.  Because . . . already there.  (At least in my mind!)

All this is just to say . . . it's my birthday today.  And, for a while, I couldn't remember how old I am.

Until Tom reminded me.


(Almost 60.)



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Happy, Happy Birthday, Kym! I can never remember how old I am either, but I'm not worried yet since I can still remember what year I was born and can still do the math. I've been saying I was almost 60 for several years, but I'm a year and a half almoster than you. Hope you have a great day today and a wonderful time on your next trip around the sun!

Sue N

Happy birthday Kym. I am 60 this year which feels like a private joke because in my head I'm still the 16 year old who had t got a clue. Have a lovely day x



I can remember milestone birthdays - like the fact that I just turned 60. But when someone asks me how old I am, I usually think of my birth date and try to do the math. I always figure that they must think I'm trying to think of an age they'll believe ... :-)

Have a wonderful birthday and many more!


Happy Birthday! Celebrate, regardless of the number. :-)


Happy Birthday! Celebrate you and all the new things you are constantly bringing into your life - which will keep you young - no matter how many years go by. I turned 66 this past December. I keep forgetting and start to say a younger age - and then I remember! ha!

Linda in VA


Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day & the coming year. I'm 61 & I still feel like a young woman inside!


Happy Birthday, dear girl. I hope you are having a wonderful day full of surprises and joy and adventure. I love ya to pieces!


Happy Birthday! What a great way to think of your age (or not think of it)! Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday Kym, from one almost 60 to another. :-) Wishing you a wonderful year ahead full of joy, adventure and lots of new experiences!


Happy Birthday, Kym! Whenever anyone asked my grandfather how old he was, he added 10 years and then enjoyed all the compliments when people said, "By God, Tom, you look terrific for your age!" I've been known to do that myself and chuckle as I think of him! I hope your year ahead is filled with much love, great happiness and many grand adventures!

Kim in Oregon

Happy Birthday! I turn almost 60 next month!


Happy birthday Kym - hope you have a fantastic day and great year! My birthday was last week - I'm in the "almost 55" bracket :)

Julia in KW

Happy birthday...hope your day has been wonderful! I do something similar with birthdays. Mine is at the very end of the year and I was born in 1960, so it is pretty easy to do the math...but what happens is that all year I think I am the age I'm going to be (this year I am going to be 56). So my husband gets to remind me at the end of the year that I am not turning (57) this year, but 56 - his gift to me...(if that makes sense!)


1959 was a very good year. so many of my favorite people were born then. glad you're all gonna be "almost 60" together! happy birthday!!


I hope your birthday was incredible - just like you! xoxo


Happy birthday' I hope it's a great one, no matter what the math reveals. My husband never remembers how old he is. We are one year and two weeks apart to the day. I tend to forget the number of years we have been married. I got so caught up thinking about our 25th and it's only 23 this May. Will have to wait so more! Wishing you a happy and healthy year!


Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you had a great one!


Belated birthday wishes! Here's hoping the party continues.


I am CONSTANTLY doing the math (only when it matters), otherwise... ALMOST 60! Love it.


Cheryl S.

I can't ever remember my age either, I have to calculate it. I guess it's because after a certain point, age really doesn't matter.

Hope your birthday was delightful!


Here I am a day late in wishing you a very Happy Birthday! I can remember my age easily as I was born on a "0" year. Your age may be "almost 60", but you are one of the youngest people I know and age truly means nothing but a number. You're strong, you're healthy, you've been through fire and you've been forged into quite a force. You are amazing, Kym!!


I can't remember my exact age without really concentrating. When I do remember, sometimes I'm really incredulous at how many that is. Doubtful that will ever go away, as my 91 year old mother in law feels the same way! Hope your day was grand.


HB2U! Fwiw, I always have to subtract birth year from current year to know how old I am. Cuz that last number there keeps a-changin'.

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