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Ah. . . 

Spring in Michigan.

Where on Monday it was this. . . 


And on Thursday it was this . . . 


Yes.  It IS disheartening.  But it's supposed to be 60 degrees F by Tuesday, so it will go fast.

It's been a busy week.  How about reducing my life to headlines . . . 


Month of Letters Officially Complete -- Participant Vows to Fight On: plans to continue writing and posting one letter per week for rest of year


Woman Threatens Walk-Out at Knit Night When Fox News Brainwashing Victim Hijacks Evening's Discussion and Disrupts Peaceful Stitching


March Roars in Like a Lion; Let's Hope This is the Worst of It


Local Driver Remains in State of Shocked Disbelief: Last Heard Muttering "But I've Never Gotten Away With Just a Warning Before"


Gardener Celebrates Opening of Garden Conference Season With Back-to-Back Weekend Conferences: I Just Can't Wait


Here's to a newsworthy weekend!


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Oh boy, that knit night must have been a doozy!


The Venn diagram of Fox News and knitting should NEVER have an intersection! Here's hoping you gain plenty from the conferences and are able to actually get out in the garden soon. Poor Garden Buddha!


That must have been an interesting knit night! I'm sure I'd have threatened same... it just does not compute. Yay Spring!! Hope you have a great time at the conferences!!


I tend to avoid knit nights when I know a certain person is there as her politics and overall prejudice annoy me. We try to have some rules - no political or religious discussions, no kids!!!!, not too much drama. But some people just can't help themselves.


Interesting that all the comments so far are about knit night. The only thing worse is trying to watch the Elephant debate--no substance, Fox News moderators and right wing twaddle!


Our knitting group ran off anyone who didn't agree with us and we now have peaceful meetings. How lucky to get off with a warning! It's awesome, actually. We've been in the 60s for a week, but our luck is about to run out. Bring on the snow! (Hopefully)

April McLain

Eventful week there! Love the headlines. Loved the letter. You know how to find me if you are looking for a recipient who responds. I would have threatened to follow you out. The only tangle at knit night should involve yarn! Happy weekend!


happy weekend! and here's to a lot less drama and emotional immaturity in the upcoming weeks' politics. wishful thinking I'm sure ;-)


Bonny is right - there is no Venn diagram where knitting and Faux News intersect. This person should be made aware that knitting involves pointy sticks, which could be hazardous to her health if Faux News dogma is discussed.

Yay for warnings and for garden conferences!!


What a shame that someone is hijacking your knit night with politics. Hopefully she can be convinced to leave the politic at the door. I remember how much I loved getting letters as a kid and in college. It must be so wonderful to have a correspondence with friends. These days the only fun things I every get in the mail is yarn. Hope you had a lovely fox free weekend.


No politics at knit night. Although the Friday night I just spent with my knitting buds had a lot of politics; it's just that we are all tree-huggers and Obama fans and mushy-headed liberals.


Oyyyyy...just stop talking already! :-) And yahoo for only a warning!

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