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It's spring -- both on the calendar and in the air.  It's much easier to get outside . . . now that it's warming up a bit.  (At least some of the time.)


Carole asks us, this week, about Ten Things We Love to Do Outside.  For me, that's kind of like . . . opening the flood gates.  Because, well.  I pretty much love to do All the Things . . . outside.

So I decided to narrow my focus.  (Because I can't start thinking about sitting on the dock at the lake.  Or going to the beach.  Or sipping a beer on the patio after spending the afternoon working in my garden.  Not yet, at least.)

Here, then, are Ten Things I Love to Do Outside . . . right now.  In Fickle-Early-Spring.

  1. Take the dogs for longer walks -- even after dinner.  (Because it's still light.)
  2. Wander through my awakening garden.  (To see what's up.)
  3. Ride my new bike.  (An early birthday present.)
  4. Check my trees for buds.  (I check at least once a day.)
  5. Prune.  (So much easier before the leaves pop out.*)
  6. Clean up my garden beds.  (Such a satisfying job.)
  7. Take stock.  (Garden tools.  Pots.  Patio furniture.)  (It's nearly time.)
  8. Grab my camera and take some photos.  (The light is so nice.)  (Plus hellebores.)
  9. Watch the birds build their nests.  (No front door wreath this year.  But we do have some determined sparrows building in our grill.)
  10. Fire up the grill.  (Which is Trouble for those sparrows.)

How about YOU?  What do you love to do outside?


See what everyone else has to say here.


*  Pruning is great right now -- but not for everything.  Always be mindful of the pruning guidelines for your trees and shrubs.  :-)



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Stunning photo and great list! Pruning is my downfall, especially with clematis. When John's grandmother passed away, we all took some of her many, many clematis to our own homes, but without blooms none of us knew what types we had. It's been 15 years and I'm finally learning what ones to prune and when. Save the sparrows!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

I'm an underacheiving gardener but I love your list. I'm very much with you about the dog walks after dinner and the beer on the porch though.


Boone has been enjoying evening walks the last couple of weeks and it's been a treat for all of us! I'm excited about gardening this time of year too (though I do fizzle out unfortunately...) and need more pots!


Outdoor photos are just great. I bet we will be seeing some nice photos from your gardens real soon!


Gardens are so artistic and creative, I look forward to seeing photos of yours.


I knew you'd like this topic. I'm itching to set up the deck furniture but it's a bit early yet.


Excellent right now list! I have been out snipping, coddling, ooohing, and ahhhing in my yard. It just makes me excited to have everything in full swing! Also, an indoor thing for an outside thing - plant seeds and get them going to transplant to the garden!! Because, dirt in the house FTW! lol


We're all itching to get out in the sun. I hope it warms up soon! Isn't the light at the end of the day lovely?


Pruning, yes, generally after the shrub flowers...which means you can kind of spread it over the season(s) instead one big major job...:)


Funny you should mention the front door wreath. Our new doors don't lend themselves well to wreaths, but in prior years we always enjoyed the house finch who took up residence in our summer wreath.


your list screams SPRING! I hope it's arrived for good ... finally!

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