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Each year, when the weather turns more Spring-like and the snow melts, I get a sort of . . . panicky feeling.  After sitting inside all winter - and wishing for gardening weather - it's all of a sudden . . . gardening weather.

And . . . HOLY SHIT . . . there's SO MUCH TO DO.

All at once.


Like, really.  EVERYWHERE.

(And it's always when I'm too dang busy to do anything about it.)

In the Spring, I usually end up running around the garden - here, there, and everywhere - like a madwoman.  Snipping here.  Raking there.  Digging out.  Piling up.  Really . . . just trying to keep up with the EXPLOSION of Spring all around me.  (Think Whack-a-Mole.)

I don't want it to be that way anymore.

So, this year, I'm going to make some Garden Resolutions for myself.  And I'm going public with them here on the blog -- to make them feel more official! 

In 2016, in my garden, I resolve to:

  • Try to spend just a bit of time - every day - doing something I love in the garden.
  • Decide what I want to do - and then go DO IT.  (Without getting distracted by something else I see on the way.)  (Which happens all the time, actually.  I have GardenADHD.)
  • Not BUY a plant until I NEED a plant.
  • Divide what I can.
  • Get rid of plants that bug me . . . or demand too much of my time and attention.  (Does it bring me joy???)
  • Just sit and enjoy "mindful moments" in my garden.  (I think I do this pretty well already, but I want to do it more.)
  • Remember that . . . It'll get done.  Or it won't.  And either way will be just fine.

I'm resolved!  (Now where are my gardening gloves?)

(And . . . please remind me of this in a couple of weeks.  When I start running around playing Whack-a-Mole again.)



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Those shiny objects are EVERYWHERE! You can do it!


I think the last one is the most important one - it will get done or it won't but it will be fine (and beautiful!) in any case.


The explosion of spring is so amazing, I think to just sit and enjoy it is a very good idea. May your sitting moments be filled with garden wisdom of what really needs work, what needs to move to a new home, and (most of all) great enjoyment at the beauty around you!


Your quest sound very doable and well planned. I have no doubt you'll keep to your plan (mostly) and have a lovely garden. No matter what, you'll find joy and delight in every corner.


That second one on your list sounds so familiar, not so much in the garden as around the house. I can get distracted so easily and forget all about my intended task.


When I moved to the midwest (IL) 10 years ago (from the mountains of upstate NY), I struggled with the short springs and the long, hot summers. I found it miserable to garden in the heat that doesn't cool off in the evening. A few years ago I made a very similar list to yours. I ended up hiring a yard service for jobs I didn't really enjoy and that allowed me to focus on jobs I love. I also changed the plants I grow to things that do well in this part of the country. I am so much more relaxed and I hope you will be too!


I really like your idea of gardening resolutions and you've come up with great ones. I cleaned out a couple of beds this weekend and did the initial rototilling of the garden, but like you say, there's so much more to do. I'm going to try and take your last resolution to heart and not fret so much!


Sounds like a wonderful plan. I know you can follow through on all of this. Me, I'm just in it for the photos of all those lovely blooms and greens.

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