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A Little Check-in


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Hope all goes well. Next time I write a grant I'm asking YOU for help!


I hope you get to emerge soon to enjoy the lovely results of your fall bulb-planting!


Write faster, young Jedi!


Focus my friend, focus! Spring will be waiting when you emerge!


Grant writing on a deadline isn't fun...but so worth the work when the awards are made! Good luck...your waiting garden is a good motivator to put this baby to bed ASAP!

Kim in Oregon

You got this!


Your crocus are farther along than mine (they get more sun!). I'm SO ready for spring. Good luck with your deadline!


OMG you have actual flowers! I announced this morning as I left the house that the snow had melted off my garden. Closer inspection revealed the possibility of daffodil leaves just barely poking out above the matted wet leaves I mulched with last fall. As soon as they dry out sufficiently I will rake them off, shred them with the lawn mower, and put them back. Right in the middle of that procedure I will discover how well the bulbs my teenage helper planted survived the winter.


Good luck with the writing and the grants. Love your flowers. It's my first spring in our new house and I'm finding flowers all over the front yard. It's such a wonderful surprise. I have a few more bulbs to get planted this spring and then in the long term I just need to plant several hundred (possibly thousands) more bulbs to get rid of the grass.


Good luck with the project!


Good luck!! wishing you all the right words...and a lot a sunshine!

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