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When I'm feeling a bit stressed, or when life just seems overwhelming, nothing tastes quite as good as . . . 

Cookies and milk

Yeah.  Comfort food.  Nostalgic.  Simple.  Security -- wrapped in calories!

My favorites?

  1. Chocolate chip cookies.
  2. Grilled cheese sandwich.
  3. Tuna casserole.
  4. Chicken noodle soup.
  5. Cinnamon toast.
  6. Pancakes.
  7. Soft-boiled egg -- with plenty of butter.
  8. Risotto.
  9. Paella.
  10. Meatloaf.

How about YOU?  What's your favorite comfort food?


Be sure to check out what everyone else has to say here.  (Guaranteed to make your mouth water!)


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Risotto, the best! And, eggs. Oh yes, grilled cheese!

I have meatloaf in the freezer... hmmmm.


It's so reassuring to see chocolate chip cookies as number one.! they are the perfect comfort food sweet! My sweet grandma used to make homage noodles with chicken and serve them over mashed potatoes-- pure bliss. Dietitians everywhere are sobbing in their vegetable keepers.


Now I have to make chocolate chip cookies today! And grilled cheese for lunch! And be thinking about delicious food all day!


Yummy list! My favorites would be eggs (no matter how they're cook it) and potatoes. A grilled cheese is right up there, too! Nice list.


I forgot about cinnamon toast. That was another childhood favorite. I think I need to eat some breakfast now.


Those cookies look so yummy...and comforting.


I am so hungry right now! I think that means you have a good list here ... ;-)


I am so hungry right now! I think that means this is a good list ... ;-)


I love that your list includes foods for different times of day, I pretty much stuck with main courses. Hooray for chocolate chip cookies!


Those cookies look so good - want some STAT!! I love peanut butter on crackers and chocolate milk - that is one of the foods that brings me comfort!

Linda in VA

April McLain

Chocolate plus cookies...always a good combination. I haven't had a good grilled cheese in a long time.

As for Jo's comment, dietitians may be cringing in the veggie cupboards but we all have our kryptonite. Mine is currently frozen pretzel M&M's and frozen Thin Mints...this the season!


yummy.... but no mac 'n' cheese?

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