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A Little Check-in

We've had some real, Spring weather this week.  No snow left anywhere!

Let's check in on my hellebores, shall we?


Getting closer to bloom-time!  (Maybe this weekend, if the sunshine holds.)

Enjoy the weekend -- and don't forget to set you clocks forward on Sunday.


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I know people really dislike the time change, but I am SO READY! Your hellebore blossoms are going to be spectacular!


It's so great to see things growing again! I don't necessarily mind the spring forward thing but I also feel like the extra daylight at the end of the day is wasted if it's still too cold to drink a beer on the deck.


Here's to sunshine, spring and hellebores! Have a wonderful weekend Kym!


Gorgeous! Hello Spring!


Your Hellebores are great to induce spring fever. Springing behind not so much. Anyway, happy weekend!


Such interesting buds! Wishing you continued sunshine and a wonderful weekend (even if it is slightly shortened)!


can't wait to see the blooms...hoping you get the necessary sunshine! (and ugh, Monday morning is gonna come too soon :-(

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