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Coming Together

Still Working On It

Not yet finished, but getting close.

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Another inch to go (which is really only a few rows) and I'll be ready to join the sleeves with the body and bang out that yoke (which is really the fun part).

Maybe I'll finish this weekend???

Whatever.  Knitting this sweater has been a lot of fun.  I'm finding joy in my knitting (which hasn't been happening much for me lately).  I'm thinking the spark has been re-lit . . . and I'll be ready to bang out the sweater that's been languishing on my needles for far too long after I finish banging out this one.

(It could happen.)


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Nice work Kym! It has been fun and as you've said the quick progress does a lot for our knitting mental health! (Now if I could only wrangle the rest!) :-)


Hooray for re-finding the joy, and I'm hoping it sticks around for you. It seemed like my joy in knitting had taken a bit of a break lately, but it's back after knitting some dishcloths (of all things!) and is being sustained with cashmere and alpaca. I'm attributing this to February and winter, but there is no better time for sweaters. Bang on!


Lookin' good and almost done! I hope to finish mine by the end of the week since we're on vacation next week and I know I won't be knitting on it then.


Finding that mojo is crucial to knitting health. I need to find mine!


Amazing how a somewhat simple project can help us find our knitting mojo again. Good for you!


You've made great progress - can't wait to see the finished sweater!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Yay for refinding knitting joy! I am weaving in ends, verrry slowly--it may be taking me longer than knitting the yoke .


Woohoo! It sure is fun to watching all these sweaters being banged out!

My knitting mojo is hiding somewhere... probably in the unruly pile o' yarn & needles & patterns & stuff that needs cleaning & sorting & tossing & stuff.

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