Calculated Risk . . . or Deciding Not To

Sixty Minutes

"The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is."
                -----C. S. Lewis

Puddle Wonder

The question today is . . . What ten things would you do with an extra hour in your day?

Hmmmm.  Ten things.  One hour.
When you think about it, that only leaves about 6 minutes per "thing."  So I guess they better be ten quick things!

Extra hour.  GO!

  1. Do a quick walk-through of my garden to see what's happening.
  2. Throw the frisbee a few times for JoJo while we're out there.
  3. Give Jenny her share of attention, too.
  4. Fill up the bird feeders.
  5. Head out to the mailbox and sort through the mail; recycle most.
  6. Fold a load of laundry and start a new one.
  7. Check my email.  And Facebook.  Send a couple of texts.
  8. Look at today's task list and cross a few things off.  Make a face at the rest.
  9. Make a cup of tea.
  10. Sit down to enjoy it.

When I find an extra hour - I just tend to fill it with the stuff of everyday life.

How about YOU?  What would you do with an extra hour in your day?


Join the fun!  Read along with today's Ten on Tuesday bunch.




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Laundry - the bane of my existence. Perhaps the solution to this is to round robin laundry - tea and laundry at my house tomorrow! How's that! And, if it takes longer than an hour perhaps we won't mind!

Great list!! xoxo


This sounds a lot like my day, minus the frisbee-throwing. Great list, but I don't see "do taxes" on there. ;-)


P.S. Great quote and interesting photo!


Oh so much the same. The sit down part is my favorite though!


I recycle most of my mail, too. And I'd love to sit and have a cup of tea with you for an hour.


I forgot about the birds. I would definitely watch them more with that extra hour.


Your hour is very busy, but full of lovely things to do.


Gorgeous photograph! Wouldn't you do everything on your list without an extra hour?


I love your to-do list idea--accomplish something and make a face at the rest!


...perhaps also watching the snow fall?!? it does look like your March is coming in like a lion...I hope the lamb comes soon!

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