What's Your Word?

Right Now - February 2016

I hope this is the Last Blast from you, February . . . 

Morning Snow

Because, really.  I want to get back to those crocus!  Here's what's happening for me . . . right now:

Watching:  Well, today it's been snow plows.  (Hopefully, this is the last I'll see them this season.)  Looking forward to the Oscars on Sunday night.  (Although I'd really love to see Spotlight or The Big Short win Best Picture, I'm thinking it'll probably be The Revenant.)

Reading:  Lots of books about bees and pollinator gardens.  (More on that another day.)  My reading has slowed of late (a bit of a slump), but I'm plugging along with A Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories by Lucia Berlin.

Knitting:  Hey!  I'm nearing the end on my Henley!  At least . . . I can see my way to the finish now.  (I am so tired of linking that pattern to my right now post every month.  I just HAVE to finish it in March!)  I also just selected pattern and yarn for my youngest great-niece's "baby" sweater.  (She's almost 2.  So I better get crackin' before I end up having to knit an adult-size sweater for her. . . )


Listening to:  Alabama Shakes, Death Cab for Cutie, and a little Bruce Hornsby to round things out.

Dreading:  Taxes.  (Doing them.  Paying them.  All of it.)

Itching to:  Start stitching my new Alabama Chanin skirt . . . along with my virtual sewing "guild."

Blended to Perfection

Drinking:  All the Tea.  (I'm not allowing myself to purchase New Tea until I drink all the Old Tea I already own.)  (I'm a bit of a pushover for New Tea. . . )

Planning:  Well.  I was trying to plan a party.  (But the guest-of-honor isn't really buying it.)  (So maybe not so much.)

Organizing:  My jewelry box.  (Can you say . . . Out. Of. Control???)  I need to streamline and - truth be told - pack some pieces away.  (I've already Kon-Mari'd.  But, clearly. . . not quite enough.)

Art every day

Delighted by:  Pretty much sticking to my commitment to "art every day."  It's amazing how these bubble charts can work when you want to develop a new habit or encourage/discourage a specific behavior.  (Totally makes me want to color in ALL the circles.)

Needing to:  Start organizing my (damn) tax stuff.  (See above; dreading.)


Enjoying:  Month of Letters mail!  This is the first year (in the four I've participated) that I've received replies to the letters I've sent -- which makes it all the more fun!  (Except for one friend, who always, always replies.  XO)


Humming:  The Foo's End Over End.  (I've had this ear worm going all week.)  (Not really complaining.  It could be far, far worse.)

Celebrating:  My Smart Girls. Erin was accepted into Carnegie Mellon's (highly competitive) professional writing master's program, and Lauren was accepted into law school at Colorado University.  You GO, girls!

Looking Forward to:  Seeing all my bulbs emerge and bloom.  (So I can remember where I planted 'em.)  But first . . . gotta get rid of this:

Sunny Snow

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . right now?