Bang Bang

Quick Change

Wasn't it just last week???

FullSizeRender 52 copy

Why, yes!  Yes it was.

Just last week, I was talking about Garden Buddha . . . and how it had been a rather mild winter.


As is so often the case . . . 


I spoke too soon.

Because we got plenty of this . . . 

FullSizeRender 54

and maybe a bit more to come.

Ah, winter.  Gotta love ya . . . (because what else are we going to do?).



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It is pretty!


I would take the beautiful snow any day over what we have now. We're all very tired of the "dreaded", which should be OUTTA here by Wednesday. Only then will we be able to breathe.

Kim in Oregon

I love seeing snow pictures---I keep hoping we will get a bit in Oregon but I think we're stuck in early spring mode. That's beautiful--I don't want to complain--but I like just a wee bit of snow in winter.


Well, it would be unkind to say, "I told you...." And, the snow gods could give Colorado a late April blizzard in retaliation.


I will try to be like Garden Buddha and sit placidly and accepting of the snow that has arrived here today. I think it's a clear sign that I am supposed to sit inside and drink chai with Rumchata.


Our 30 plus inches from a couple of weeks (or so) ago just melted. Now we are getting more - arghhh!! I think it is only 3 to 4 inches - but then we are going to get sleet and freezing rain.... be still my heart!
Have a dental appointment tomorrow to get a crown put back on (fell off last week). Not sure if my appointment will happen or not!!

Linda in VA


I had a dusting this morning -- could have as easily swept it as shoveled (I like it like that when I'm the chief shoveler!).

Mid-way through February? My inner clock says it's not too early to THINK SPRING!


Coldest Valentine's Day ever in coastal Rhode island...followed by 55 degrees and rain tomorrow - craziest weather ever! On a different note, how are you liking bullet journaling? I should just start with any old notebook as I'm still waiting for my extremely back-ordered journal to arrive. I've never done this before and am excited to begin...loved your bullet tracking in your last looks as if you're well on your way!


there are daffodils blooming in my neighborhood!


Spring is coming. I hope you find fun stuff to do in the winter weather until we are all back outside basking in the warm sun.

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