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On Hellebore Watch

This is the time of year  I love to start walking my garden, looking for signs of life - and other interesting things.

Yesterday, I found this fungus growing on the roots of my black cherry tree stump.


And I found some crocus beginning to pop through.


(Remember all those bulbs I planted last fall?  I can't quite remember where I put them all now, but I'm waiting for them to show themselves . . . wherever they are.)

And, in continuing coverage of my hellebores, the buds are really getting ready to pop.  (See them?  Way down in the middle of the plant?)

FullSizeRender 52

Soon, there will be blooms again! 

(But first, there will be snow.)  (Eight inches or so on the way.)  




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I'm all for crocus and hellebores, but I really love the colors and growth patterns in that fungus! (Just for the record, I'm strongly against snow.)


We're having blizzard conditions here in east central IL, not fun after the spring-like weekend!


8" of snow!? Wow! We could use a fresh foot or two (in the mountains). Our weather is warm and quite beautiful. I hope to get up to Red Butte this weekend and see how the bulbs there are coming.

Cheryl S.

That fungus is very pretty! (Not a sentence I thought I would ever write.)


We are just getting rain, thank goodness. I love early spring in the garden. There are so many life lessons to be had from watching our plants come back year after year.


Who knew that a fungus could be so beautiful. My tulips are up in front; the back yard is snow covered!


My garden is still covered with nearly a foot of snow.



Those hearty little plants! I just love them, and that snow will be a marvelous insulator against the bitter cold. I am itching to get out in the garden and play in the dirt too!


Oh boy! The good thing is that, at this time of the year, your 8" of snow should melt away sooner than later!! <3 Hellebores.


8"??!!!! I can't wait to see the hellebores. hope the snow melts fast!

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