February 4: Not Quite Just Another Day
Signs of Hope

Heard in the Locker Room

I go to a Very Nice Gym.  We have a Very Nice Locker Room.  Still . . . things get a little rough in there.

I have long considered a Blog Theme . . . Heard in the Locker Room.  (Because truly unbelievable.)  But I've long decided against it.  (Because trying to do no harm.)  

But, well . . . sometimes you run into something that is just Too Good NOT to Share.

Like . . . 


Okay.  So here goes.

The Set-up:  The women's locker room at my gym is really top-notch.  Almost like a spa.  We have plenty of locker bays, deluxe showers, towel service, multiple mirrors and sinks, permanent hair dryers, pretty much . . . you name it, we got it.  (We also have some issues with "inappropriate nudity.")  (Don't ask.)

Still:  There are some club members (mostly little girls and awkward adolescents) who are uncomfortable with their bodies, and who choose to (1) dress/undress in the bathroom stalls (which makes me crazy . . . Because, Girls!  I need to pee!), and (2) have their mothers and/or grandmothers (heavy emphasis on the grandmothers) build impromptu "towel cabanas" around them while they change in/out of their swimsuits before lessons.

In short:  Very ANNOYING.

So.  I was especially heartened to hear THIS conversation in the locker room last week:

Mother:  Get you suit on.

Little Girl:  But I don't want anyone to see my hoohaw.

Mother:  No one CARES about your hoohaw.  Get your suit on.

Little Girl:  Hold up a towel.

Mother:  No.

Little Girl:  But I don't want them looking at my hoohaw.

Mother:  No one CARES about your hoohaw.

Little Girl:  Moooooom!!!!!

Mother:  Look.  Everyone in here has a hoohaw of her own.  No one cares about YOURS.

Bless you, Mother-of-Hoohaw-Girl!  I wish there were more of you.  
(Because, really.  Your towel-cabanas are silly.  No one cares about your hoohaw.  And I need to pee.)

Happy Friday, everybody.