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Heard in the Locker Room

I go to a Very Nice Gym.  We have a Very Nice Locker Room.  Still . . . things get a little rough in there.

I have long considered a Blog Theme . . . Heard in the Locker Room.  (Because truly unbelievable.)  But I've long decided against it.  (Because trying to do no harm.)  

But, well . . . sometimes you run into something that is just Too Good NOT to Share.

Like . . . 


Okay.  So here goes.

The Set-up:  The women's locker room at my gym is really top-notch.  Almost like a spa.  We have plenty of locker bays, deluxe showers, towel service, multiple mirrors and sinks, permanent hair dryers, pretty much . . . you name it, we got it.  (We also have some issues with "inappropriate nudity.")  (Don't ask.)

Still:  There are some club members (mostly little girls and awkward adolescents) who are uncomfortable with their bodies, and who choose to (1) dress/undress in the bathroom stalls (which makes me crazy . . . Because, Girls!  I need to pee!), and (2) have their mothers and/or grandmothers (heavy emphasis on the grandmothers) build impromptu "towel cabanas" around them while they change in/out of their swimsuits before lessons.

In short:  Very ANNOYING.

So.  I was especially heartened to hear THIS conversation in the locker room last week:

Mother:  Get you suit on.

Little Girl:  But I don't want anyone to see my hoohaw.

Mother:  No one CARES about your hoohaw.  Get your suit on.

Little Girl:  Hold up a towel.

Mother:  No.

Little Girl:  But I don't want them looking at my hoohaw.

Mother:  No one CARES about your hoohaw.

Little Girl:  Moooooom!!!!!

Mother:  Look.  Everyone in here has a hoohaw of her own.  No one cares about YOURS.

Bless you, Mother-of-Hoohaw-Girl!  I wish there were more of you.  
(Because, really.  Your towel-cabanas are silly.  No one cares about your hoohaw.  And I need to pee.)

Happy Friday, everybody.




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The only hoohaw post I have ever read has me laughing this morning! I think that towel cabanas might call even more attention to the nakedness enclosed within. I do remember that awkward adolescence well, but MoHG is so right. Happy Weekend!


This was a total crack up! However, I am going to be ruminating on "inappropriate nudity" all weekend. (Well, maybe not. It is the Super Bowl after all.)

P.S. My sister is a bit like hoohaw girl--drives me nuts!


So sorry I missed your post yesterday. Congratulations on a remarkable milestone! Your words made me cry - good tears for you and scary tears as the love of my life is in cancer treatment. Cancer certainly has changed our lives...we take nothing for granted and appreciate every day! Several years ago my daughter gave me a beautiful gold chain with a small charm-like circle with a design done in tiny diamonds...the enclosed card said the design means "dive deep" - a great way to live life! May you dive deep for many, many happy, healthy years ahead!


Kym - my apologies - I was remiss in not thanking you for giving us hope...and for enriching my life with your daily posts! I've learned so many things from you - thanks for being here! I hope you continue to share and inspire forever!


Thanks for the laugh! I rarely visit the locker room at my gym. One, it's 5 minutes from my house and I prefer to pee at home and two, it's FULL of old ladies in bathing suits. I don't care about their hoohaws but the sagging body parts? ::::shudder::::

Cheryl S.

Good for that mom!

My gym at work had a fairly small locker room - a couple of shower stalls and a toilet. A lot of the women there (especially the more religious LDS women) would not dress/undress in front of anyone else, so they were always using the toilet stall and sometimes the shower stalls as dressing rooms. The locker rooms (men's and women's) were located in kind of an annex that connected two buildings, and they were the only restrooms in the annex - so anyone who just needed to use the restroom (including the people who worked in the mailroom) were inconvenienced by it. The office was finally forced to add a couple of small dressing rooms, which there really wasn't room for, so the place was really cramped.


Hoo-haw! (Hee hee!)


Hoo-haw! I'm definitely working that in this weekend! And cheers for that Mom, just get the darn suit on!


My gym has five locker rooms, two women's, two men's and one family (which I have never seen). The one I use is attached to the fitness end of the building and the one I don't use leads to the pool area. I never see children in mine, thank goodness, but suddenly the water aerobics crew are using it because they don't like undressing around kids.

The water aerobics crew could win an inappropriate nudity contest.


I remember being too embarrassed to buy feminine hygiene products and my mom saying just about the same thing. MHG is doing her daughter a service, although I'm sure the daughters girlfriends heard plenty about how mean her mom is.


Priceless. Just priceless. My Y has separate locker rooms for over 18 women and girls (also for men/boys).

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