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Friday Mailbag

February is just chugging right along . . . and I've been (quietly) writing (and mailing) a-letter-a-day all through the month.


It seems appropriate that I should dip into the virtual Friday Mailbag at least once during A Month of Letters, so here goes.


B 6 mos 2

Dear Brian,

How can this be?  Really.  How?  It seems this little guy was . . . just here.  And now?  24!  
So.  Tell me.  How?

P.S.  Happy birthday!  XO


Dear my-20-year-old-body,

I must sincerely apologize.  I simply did not appreciate your being there . . . 36 years ago.  I just had no idea how supple and flexible you really were.  How you could leap out of bed in the morning without aches and pains and groans and moans.  How you could bend and stretch and lift and run and not feel it the next day.  How you could eat pizza and drink beer and follow it up with ice cream and maybe even some cake . . . and not gain an ounce.

I wish I could wake up JUST ONCE and be in your body again.  Just for the morning.  To remember what that felt like, y'know?


Dear Winter,

Mark Torgerossa, MLive Weather Correspondent, assures me that it's going to feel like Spring tomorrow.  Close to 60 degrees (F), he says.  My iPhone forecast agrees.  Warm.  Really warm.  So, Bon Voyage to you, Winter.  At least for today.


Dear Locker Room SLOBS,

Yes.  Our gym has towel service.  Yes.  It's a really nice perk.  Now.  Pick up your used towels and place them in the proper receptacles when you're finished with them.

Because your mother doesn't work in the locker room.  

(And I'm not picking your towels up for you either.)


Dear Patty,

Happy Birthday, my friend!  I'll be drinking a toast to you this evening!


Enjoy your weekend!


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Thank-you my friend! And a Happy Birthday to Brian as well. Cheers! xo


It seems like lots of good people have birthdays; Happy Birthday to Brian! I am definitely with you on wishing I had better appreciated my 20-year-old body. Heck, I'd even welcome back my 30-year-old body for a day, but then I'm sure I'd be busy trying to find ways to keep it. I'm off to wish Patty a Happy Birthday and work on my 58-year-old self.


Lucky Brian with his 24 year old body--what a cute toddler he was. The 20 year old body would be wonderful...but the 20 year old mind? Happy weekend!


Not sure I could go back to a younger body and be happy with one day. I'm doing my very best to appreciate which parts of my body work now, because I don't want to imagine what 10 years from now will feel like.
This is a great week for birthdays! Happy Birthday to all!


I have been struggling to appreciate my 61 year old body. I'm trying to focus on what I can do and take care that my body will continue to serve me well. Have a good weekend!


I agree with Margene - if my younger body came back, I would not easily let it go. Especially if I can keep the 55 year old brain...

Great post, and yes Locker Room Slobs everywhere - your mother is not following you around. Clean up after yourself!


I received your letter the other day. It was such a lovely slice of your life and you have beautiful handwriting. Such a pleasure to receive!


Hope you're enjoying a lovely Spring-like weekend.... same weather here and it's given me a whole new outlook!!


Just wait 'til you're addressing that letter to your grandchild... seriously. You think Brian zipped through to 24??? Junah's already 2+!! ;)

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