A Silent Poetry Reading
February 4: Not Quite Just Another Day


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I'm glad to hear you won't be a castaway on Sleeve Island. Knit On!


Sleeves are the perfect place to start! You'll have a sweater before anyone else. Go grrl!!


Love your colors and starts thus far. Ordered my yarn. Now the waiting from Iceland commences. :-)


Love your colors Using up the hand cream knitting with this stuff though!


my sleeves are more than half done too and cast on the body already.....love the yarn but agree on the dryness....


Looks great - you are making FAST progress!

Cheryl S.

Those colors look fab!


A quick fix for your hands...stand at the kitchen sink...pour some cooking oil on your hands (I used to use Canola...but coconut oil would probably be just as effective). I don't measure, but pour about 1 tsp. granulated sugar onto to your hands and work it in for several minutes. When finished, rinse hands with warm water, but use NO soap. Hands feel like a new born baby's. Most people always ask me if they can do this to their entire body...why not???!!! Hope it helps!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

I LOVE your colors. If mine fits at all flatteringly --even sort of--I am making another in a dark color.


Love your colors!

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