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Right Now - February 2016

What's Your Word?

 This winter, I've been taking a watercolor class.


I've never done watercolor before . . . and watercolor is hard.  

Most of my early attempts were water-paint-blob-bombs.

So much . . . expensive watercolor paper in the trash.

I was so frustrated -- and disheartened.

Tom encouraged me to just keep trying.  

(I can't.  It's too hard.)

(What's your word?)  

(RISK, damnit.)


I kept at it.  

Lots of practice.

Lots of paper.

(I can't show anybody, though.  I don't want to.)

(What's your word?)

(RISK, damnit.


A couple of my pieces were selected to be in the Student Exhibit.

All I had to do . . . was have them framed.

(I can't.  It's freaking me out too much.)

(What's your word?)

(RISK, damnit.)


I can't quite explain how . . . exposed . . . this all made me feel.

Sharing my paintings?

Framing them?

Hanging them in an exhibit?

(. . . as if I were an artist????)

(What's your word?)

(RISK, damnit.)



THIS . . . was not something I ever expected to do.

And there was quite a lot of courage required.

(There's a ton required to even post this.)

(What's your word?)

(RISK, damnit.)

(Hell, yes.)







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OK, I understand your hesitation, because I would feel the same way.

BUT - those are truly lovely, I am especially IN LOVE with the wren and the flower! And I am incredibly jealous of you, as I have always wanted to learn to do watercolors, they are my favorite. (Of course, not having drawing skills at all is my first problem ...)

Good for you! (And let me know if you need someone to give those away to ... ;-) )


KYM! You have what it takes and your paintings are incredible! The flower is very impressive and I'm so taken with the trees. Honestly, I feel your fear and understand your hesitation, as we are never good enough, but you're living your word and you're succeeding beautifully!!


I think you are doing great. Your paintings are realistic and very pretty. Keep going!


I'm with Margene - I understand your fear, but your paintings are simply beautiful! I can't even choose a favorite because I love them all. I think the real risk now would be in not sharing your journey, perseverance, practice, and the superb results. Display them proudly and be proud!


Kym, your paintings are like looking at the subject through a rain- drizzled lens. That's my idea of a successful watercolor! Keep on!


Hell yeah! Beautiful work Kym! Congratulations on being selected...certainly well deserved!


You go girl! You brought back memories of my mother who started painting when we had all flown the coop! She just got better and better and enjoyed the learning and the friendships that went along with the painting. Your work is lovely, and if you enjoy the process it will continue to get better and better for you!


Oh my! How gloriously beautiful! YOU ROCK! Just call me fan-girl! xoxo


Love that little bird! All of them, really... keep goin' lady, those RISKS are paying off!!


AWESOME post. Congratulations on taking the risk and sharing.

Kim in Oregon

These are gorgeous! Good job with getting over that hesitation. How fun to see your work hanging among other beautiful work!


Your work is just gorgeous! So realistic, and beautifully captured. You should be so proud of yourself. Keep going-the "RISK" is worth it!


Wow, your paintings are lovely! I too took a watercolour class years and years ago and everyone said...why on earth would you start with wc? Well I wanted to and I did and I loved it. Good on you and keep it up. I would pay serious money for that flower!


HELL YEAH! the bird is my absolute favorite. I'd love it for my collection...if it's for sale? ;-)

Cheryl S.

Oh my goodness! They're wonderful! (This is not at all surprising to me. You are a very talented and creative person.) I absolutely adore the wren.

Dawn'l Burns

Your paintings are fabulous. I especially love the Wren.
I absolutely admire your courage!!! And what a way to Live your Word. Bravo!!!


Oh my gosh! I love love love them!! The wren is my favorite - but then I love the flower and the tree (I have a thing for trees) - and the one of the lake/pond.... oh my!
What a lovely gift that has come into your life! to discover this talent lying inside of you - waiting to come out!

I know what your word is - it is "artist"!

Linda in VA


"Risk"? I think, "lovely"! Great work!


As I was reading your post, I was so impressed with your watercolors and was thinking they needed to be framed...they're just beautiful!!! And being asked to share them in an exhibit is the icing on the cake! You're definitely talented, Kym, so just keep painting, and learning, and sharing, etc.! I have young grandchildren and I'm just learning to play the piano. I want to run and hide when someone asks me to play...so I share your hesitation and have decided to tickle the ivories in public after reading your post. We're all works in progress...and that's a good thing!


Kym, I LOVE your watercolors. You should be very proud. I would be delighted to hang any one of those in my home - if you ever decided to part with one!


I am so freaking proud of you.


So beautiful. I so admire artists. I have an award winning painter cousin (plein aire, oils) and another friend who also paints whose art adorns my home. I can paint a room...lol...so I really appreciate the skill and talent needed to do what you are doing!


I think your artwork is lovely and I'd be proud and happy to hang one in my home. Glad you took the risk to share them with us.


Your watercolors are great! I especially like the little wren. I took water color classes several years ago and really struggled with the wet-on-wet technique our instructor used-I wanted more control. Your risk resulted in some beautiful paintings!


They are beautiful!

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