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Best Picture nominees?

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Still hoping to catch some of the nominees in other major categories before the Academy Awards on February 28, but the pressure is off.  (My personal quest to see All The Movies only includes the Best Picture nominees.)

Do you have a favorite this year???


(The photo is a page from my Bullet Journal.)


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You saw them all - even Mad Max! Not being much of a movie person myself, I'm going to rely on your Best Picture opinions. Thoughts? I'm struck by how many of the nominees are based on books - I think all of them except good old Max!


Great job! I've only seen The Big Short and Spotlight. Both were great...Spotlight may have the edge of the two of them though. Have a nice weekend!


I've only seen half of the BP noms (Brooklyn, Mad Max, The Martian, Spotlight) and of them, Spotlight was my fave, followed by Brooklyn & The Martian.


Hey! At least I saw The Martian, which is one more than I usually see during the year. I think Smith would like Bridge of Spies and I would like to see Spotlight.


No fair--you didn't say whether you had a favorite.


Love the way you bullet journaled this! I've seen all of the BP nominees (as you know) and Spotlight remains my favorite. Hannah and I are now in Oscar food planning mode, trying to come up with some sort of drink or dish that goes with each picture. I'm open to suggestions, especially when it comes to Mad Max because all we've come up with for that one is . . . breast milk. LOL

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