Quick Change
Risky Business

Bang Bang

Today, we need a soundtrack.  So, here's a song from my childhood (and also from the Kill Bill soundtrack).* 


Yep.  That's the song that's been playing in my head, constantly, since I decided to ride along with the #bangoutasweater crowd.

Bang Bang.

(I dropped a stitch.)


Bang Bang.

(It makes me itch.)


Bang Bang.

(This yarn's a bitch.)


Bang Bang.

(I think I found my niche.)


Ravelry details here.

*  That's some real 1960s go-go-girl realness, non?  (I prefer Cher's original version; but I couldn't embed the video.)  (Besides, my Dad was always a Nancy fan.  It was those boots, y'know?  Made to walk all over you.)