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Bang Bang

Today, we need a soundtrack.  So, here's a song from my childhood (and also from the Kill Bill soundtrack).* 


Yep.  That's the song that's been playing in my head, constantly, since I decided to ride along with the #bangoutasweater crowd.

Bang Bang.

(I dropped a stitch.)


Bang Bang.

(It makes me itch.)


Bang Bang.

(This yarn's a bitch.)


Bang Bang.

(I think I found my niche.)


Ravelry details here.

*  That's some real 1960s go-go-girl realness, non?  (I prefer Cher's original version; but I couldn't embed the video.)  (Besides, my Dad was always a Nancy fan.  It was those boots, y'know?  Made to walk all over you.)


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Your sweater looks great!


One of these days these boots...Your sweater is fabulous, just like you! xo Congrats on banging it out!


Great sweater! Thanks for the earworm (bang bang)!


I've had T. Rex's Bang a Gong in my head every time I've read about a Bang Out A Sweater, so thanks for a new song! Love the colors you chose and LOVE your sweater!


Your sweater is just beautiful...love the colors you chose and the fit is just perfect! You really did bang out a sweater...did you sleep at all? :) Also had great fun strolling down memory lane with your version of "Bang Bang" - it will be in my head all day!


Gorgeous sweater!! Going to have to knit one soon, too. You've got me humming those ol' tunes again-it's sure been awhile since they were on the charts! Do you have some special 'Boots Are Made for Walking" to go with the sweater?

Kim in Oregon

Wow your sweater looks amazing--great color choices not only the colors together but also with your coloring.


This sweater looks fabulous on you! Perfect color choice for your style and, well, way to bang out a sweater! Looks like you can use its cozy warmth with all that snow around.

Cheryl S.

Love it! It looks great on you. I really like the colors you chose.


Great look for you. It looks like a sweater that will stand up toMichigan winter!


Oooh, that's FANTASTIC!! I love your color choices!! Congrats on a bangin' finish! :)


I am amazed at the very thought of banging out a sweater in a week (or three). Yours is great!


woo woo woot!!!! looks awesome! (and maybe spring will think about coming now that you've finished and worn the sweater?!)


I. Love. It!!!

It looks spectacular! I love your color choices as well! Absolutely brilliant!

You are a #bangfinisher!!!


Banging out the sweater was positively freeing.....love your version, just waiting to see Patty's

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