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A Few of My Favorite (Random) Things

When I heard about this week's Ten on Tuesday topic from Carole, a certain song from a certain musical popped into my head.  I'll spare you the ear worm, though, and get right down to business with a few of my favorite things, random style.

(And in case that ear worm snuck in anyhow, lets counter it with this fun performance.)


1 - Favorite Time to Wake Up - 7:00 am.  Left to my own devices, I almost always wake up at 7:00 am.  I doesn't always work out that way, though.  (Because life.)

2 - Favorite Thing to Wear - Yoga pants.  (Oh, yeah, baby.  Every. Day.)

3 - Favorite Orchestra Instrument - Cello.  (And Smooth Criminal is my favorite Michael Jackson tune.  So . . . bonus.)

4 - Favorite Font - Calibri.  (Unless page-limited.  Then it's Arial Narrow for the win!)

5 - Favorite Fitness Activity - Swimming.  (A good, long swim pretty much "re-sets" everything - and that's another win.)

FullSizeRender 52

6 - Favorite Lotion - Lavender Body Butter by Kalamazoo's own Opulent Blends.  (This stuff is great -- especially with winter dryness exacerbated by my frequent swimming.)

7 - Favorite Condiment - Mustard.  Almost every day, I make a little turkey-and-swiss sandwich for lunch.  And I always blast it with mustard.  (Yum.)

8 - Favorite NPR Program - The Moth.  (Love The Moth.)

9 - Favorite Beverage - Wine.  (A nice cab, please.)


10 - Favorite Music - Deathcab for Cutie. (For today, at least.)

How about YOU?  What are your favorite things . . . right now?


Join the fun!  See what everyone else has to say . . . here.




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Cellos, lavender, The Moth, and wine for the win! Have you listened to Zoe Keating? She plays cello exquisitely, and electronically adds layers of sound with looping. Her music has been one of my favorite things for a long time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYrcXX4nWOA


Cellos - oh my, that brings back memories. My middle daughter played the cello! I could listen to them for hours - and I think I have! LOL

And, I second the yoga pants - EVERY. DARN. DAY. FTW!


I'm with you on mustard, the Moth, and Death Cab! The Body Butter must be wonderful!


I feel that 7:00 is the perfect wake up time as well! And mustard...winning! Yoga pants, and fleece ones this time of year, make the world a better place. Great list Kym!


Yoga pants every day - I agree.


Wine, cheap jeans from Costco, my Dachsie on my lap, the promise of a beautiful new skein of yarn, reading "The Maytrees", yoga class (I don't own any yoga pants), chili rellanos, lunch with a former student, towering clouds and surviving my first MRI (did well at managing my extreme claustrophobia).


Those are all great things! My favorite lotion, of late, has been plain ole coconut oil. It's working wonders on my poor winter feet and elbows.


I like 7:00 as a wake-up time, too, but usually my alarm is blaring sometime between 5:10 and 5:30. So when I do sleep 'til 7, it feels like sleeping in... and if I sometimes go 'til 8? Luxurious (but usually followed by "time's a wastin'!").


During the summer when I can keep my own schedule, I like a 7 a.m. wake up time, too. It feels great! I'm with you on the Moth!


I need to try a new body butter--my poor skin is taking a beating this winter.


Yoga pants FTW! I am in love with the high waisted ones I bought at Athleta... which brand do you love?

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