Kalamazoo . . . We've Got Falcons
Getting Ready


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Squirrels are the bane of my existence! I swear I can hear them laughing at me as they scamper around the attic after chewing their way in for the fourth time.


That is the best!


He got in, but can he get out? You can learn a lot from a squirrel!


even squirrels gotta eat


Oh my gosh - this is hysterical!! How in the world did it manage to get in there! and did it get out?!!
I love squirrels - even though they sometimes drive me nutty.. I put seed out for them all the time. I have one that actually follows me around the deck waiting. And then if I lean over to talk to him/her, it will lean up and look me in the face!

Linda in VA


Little bastard.

Julia in KW

This year we put a baffle on the pole that has our feeders on it and what a difference that makes. I love to see them climbing up the pole only to be stopped by the baffle. They slide back down and look up - stumped. HA! Every now and then we go out and throw some treats for the squirrels, but otherwise, it's up to the birds to share what they want to share.


There are few more wily than a squirrel!!


The persistence of squirrels...amazing!


We had one of those squirrel-proof feeders where, when a squirrel stands on the ledge by the seed, it closes the opening to the seed. One time I saw a squirrel on the roof of the feeder with its tail hooked over the ridgepole so it could get at the seed from above.

Squirrel-proof, my a$$.


Squirrel Baffles can help some. Mostly mine are helping me bred more athletic squirrels.

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