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Right Now - January 2016

Of all the months, I think you are my least favorite.  
Dark.  Cold.  Bleak.  
And really, really long.

FullSizeRender 48

The daylight is getting longer, though.  I'm even starting to notice.

Here's what's happening for me. . . Right Now:

Watching - My Oscar-nominated-movie-watching binge is nearly complete.  Bridge of Spies will be available on DVD next week.  (We missed that one when it was in the theaters last fall.)  That leaves me with Mad Max: Fury Road.  Tom has already seen it, so I'll be watching by myself.  (Keith received this movie as a Christmas gift, and everyone -- except me -- watched it during the holidays.  If I had known it was an Oscar-contender, I would've suffered through it then.  As it is . . . well, I need to watch now.)  For the record, my favorite this year is Spotlight, followed by The Big Short.


Reading - I'm sort of at a reading low-point right now.  I'm reading H is for Hawk . . . and really not liking it very much.  (Very disjointed and kind of whiney . . . and as much as I like birds of prey, I'm not so sure how I feel about falconry.)  Also reading Last Friends, the final novel in the Old Filth trilogy.  (Unfortunately, it's the weakest of the three.)  I'm also avoiding reading my book group selection for the month, as it doesn't appeal to me in any way.  (Maybe I'll just show up and drink the wine this month.)  (It happens.)  On the upside . . . I read The Tsar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra.  Wow.  This was the best book I've read in a very long time, and - even though it's only January - might end up as the best of the year for me.

Knitting - I am still c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g along on my Henley with a Twist sweater.  (I only have the front to complete, and I've got a good start.)  (So slow, though.  Tiny yarn.  Small needles.  And bitsy cables -- every 8th row.)    I did knit two pair of Trip Mitts (one for me; one for my niece).  Such a perfect palate-cleanser.  And I am ready to Bang Out a Sweater next week (ha!) in the Mason Dixon Knitting Stopover KAL.  (Don't hold your breath.)  (But I really need a WIN here.)


Listening to - Guided meditations.  While some are just too corny for words not to my taste, others are perfect and really add to my daily meditation practice.

Dreading - This happens every year at this time.  My yoga instructor goes to Mexico for the month of February.  (And this year, she actually added the last week in January.)  I hate this.  Because I am not so fond of the sub.

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Drinking - Peppermint tea.  Every afternoon.

Planning - My Month-of-Letters strategy.  (Remember, if you'd like to receive a letter from me in February, please see the sidebar to email me your address.)

Humming - (I blame Carole.)  (Said with much love.)


Itching to - Bang Out a Sweater!  (Because lemming.) 

Organizing - Myself . . . using a Bullet Journal.  I've been intrigued by this way of journaling/calendar-ing for years -- and decided to try it (in earnest) this year.  So far, so good.  (Maybe I'll blog about it soon.)

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Delighted by - My grocery store amaryllis.  This is my second set of blooms.  (Not bad for $10.)

Needing to - Get a load of stuff to Goodwill.  I'm Very Good at sorting and deciding; not so good about getting it in my car to drop it off.


Enjoying - My watercolor class.  But  So hard!  I need so much practice.  I waste so much watercolor paper.  (Fun.  But very humbling.)

Looking Forward To - My sister and I just booked our next trip!  This summer:  Scotland and Ireland.  It's a long way off -- but so cheering to think about.

Celebrating - The end of January.  So long.  So dark.  And even though February is much the same, it is short.  And has chocolate in the middle.

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . right now?



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And the days of February are noticeably longer. The light, the chocolate, and the letters make February wonderful. I was on the fence about H is for Hawk, but finally gave it 4.5 stars. Writings about grieving always touch my heart. I admire your jumping into Bang Out a Sweater, but I'm sticking with my Plain Ol' Gray until its finished. I have a feeling you'll be a very good watercolorist when you get the hang of the water/paint ratio.


But - it's a great song! And it always makes me think of YOU. We are in the same spot with our Oscar movie watching. My favorite is still Spotlight but Room and Brooklyn are sort of tied for 2nd place now. I'm dreading Mad Max, honestly. I have H is for Hawk queued up to listen to as I've heard the audio is quite good. Tell me more about guided meditations?


I've been enjoying peppermint tea every evening recently! So good. Haven't seen a one but The Big Short, though I'd really like to find Spotlight. Your paintings are really lovely! And Boone had an after work walk this week - a sure sign of more light!


Lots of good stuff here to brighten up yucky January! Maybe Tom can tell you about Mad Max so you don't have to actually watch it? I bet it's dystopian with fuel and water shortages, crazy driving, crazy vehicles, and lots of explosions! Love the amaryllis and your watercolors, and I'll virtually raise my mug to you when I drink my afternoon peppermint tea. Cheers!


You are one busy girl! I salute you for the book club pass. Mine read a Maeve Bincheley book last time and I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was getting ready to read "H is for Hawk", but your comments have given me pause!


I didn't mind the Mad Max movie as much as I expected -- that's faint praise, but still. I am sorely tempted by the Mason Dixon knit-along, and yet, will probably skip it. Or not.

I have had good luck with books this year -- I've enjoyed The Secret Chord, and 2 am at the Cat's Pajamas, and now am reading Adam Johnson's book of (rather long) short stories, Fortune Smiles. I could give you a long list of people who I wouldn't recommend these books to, but for me, they've been the part of January that has gone RIGHT!


Love your description of February - especially the chocolate in the middle part. I'm going to look into that Bullet Journal idea; sounds interesting. And I had forgotten that February is the letter/note writing month. I may actually try that this year. The picture you posted of your prepared basket inspires me - or maybe it's the thought of sipping wine while I write!

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Yay for the Tripp Mitts--and the travel plans,,,and the thought that January is over. as far at that BangOutaSweater-- even at my less-than-spectacular knitting speed and limited amount of knitting time, this sweater is flying. Can't wait to see yours.

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