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On Saturday, my Mom and I visited the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.  Mainly, we went to see the Orchid Show (more on that later this week), but we also braved the frigid weather to stroll around and see some of the gardens in winter.

Right away, we noticed birds everywhere - hundreds of them - mostly hanging around on three tall trees.


What ARE they?

They can't be, can they?


By gum . . . they ARE!


Robins.  Hundreds of robins!

(They are WAY off track.  Ain't gonna be no early birds gettin' the worm around here for awhile yet.)

What a surprise.


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We see robins all year round, but they usually don't show up in a big way until February. By March we hear robin songs every sunrise and every sunset. From seeing your trees it looks like they're making a move a couple of weeks early this year.


I had several robins hanging around last winter and our extension services told me that not all robins migrate, and MSU agrees:
The silly birds seemed happy with the raisins and apples I put out; maybe they feed them at the gardens? I think the smart ones head south!


Silly robins. If I could fly south for the winter I would!


Same scenario for robins in Colorado. A few winter here, and we start seeing lots of them in March. What a nice outing to share as daughter/mother.


So puffed up!! They're adorable. But I'm with Carole! If I had wings...


Robins, yes; retarded and doomed robins, maybe?


What are they thinking?! :-) Glad you had a nice day with your Mom!


I'm noticing them here also and think it is way too early although our winters should be milder than yours.

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