2015: About the Reading

More or Less

Speaking of intentions . . . 

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This week, Carole asks us what we'd like to do more of -- and less of -- in 2016.

I want:

  1. MORE mistakes. . .
  2. and LESS holding back.

  3. MORE smiling . . . 
  4. and LESS grumping.

  5. MORE making . . .
  6. and LESS buying.

  7. MORE risking . . . 
  8. and LESS waiting.

  9. MORE color . . . 
  10. and LESS erasing.

How about YOU?   What would you like to do - more or less - in the new year?


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Oooh color!! I love your list... love them all, so far, actually!! I want to print them all out for daily reminders/inspiration!! :)

Kim in Oregon

Love nine and ten. Love your whole list but really love nine and ten.


I like the more smiling and less grumping. Excellent list!


Like the list, love the wine! :-)


1-2-7-8...gotta do it. :-) Great list.


Great list! I especially like MORE making and LESS buying. (I need to cook more.)


The first one will definitely be on my list--thanks!


I love love love that you put a positive spin on mistakes. You are awesome!


The lists are really inspiring. I just bought a little journal that's titled "Make Mistakes". I'm already using it and enjoying the process of not worrying about a slip up.

April McLain

I love 1 and 2! It was such a surprise to read them after reading other lists. There lies courage and creativity. Thank you for the reminder to get out there, give things a try and not to worry whether it is right or not.


These are great! I could choose any one of these this year and each one would be perfect!


More mistakes FTW! I love your list and what a fantastic photo!

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