Off Track
Feels Like Summer

We Will Never Be Here Again

It seems a bit odd ... to grieve over people you never met and didn't know.

But that's where I am.


I didn't know David Bowie.

I never met Glenn Frey.

But I know how they made me feel.  

When I was a teenager . . .
And wasn't quite sure who I was anymore.
And wasn't sure who my friends were.  
And didn't think anyone would ever like me -- for being me.  
And never felt as alone . . . as I felt in a group.  
Well.  There was David Bowie.  Or the Eagles.  To see me through.

So, this past week?  Well, it feels like some really old friends are gone.  Not just celebrities-I-never-met.

Because I met myself.

Through their music.