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We Will Never Be Here Again

It seems a bit odd ... to grieve over people you never met and didn't know.

But that's where I am.


I didn't know David Bowie.

I never met Glenn Frey.

But I know how they made me feel.  

When I was a teenager . . .
And wasn't quite sure who I was anymore.
And wasn't sure who my friends were.  
And didn't think anyone would ever like me -- for being me.  
And never felt as alone . . . as I felt in a group.  
Well.  There was David Bowie.  Or the Eagles.  To see me through.

So, this past week?  Well, it feels like some really old friends are gone.  Not just celebrities-I-never-met.

Because I met myself.

Through their music.


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The Eagles were very much "my band". I loved Desperado which was an album not everyone liked. I met Timothy B. Schmit when he was with Poco. Everyone in the Eagles were top notch musicians. They created the soundtrack of our lives for many years.


I have felt much the same over the last week. The Eagles were the first band I ever saw in concert. They were performing with Fleetwood Mac and Boz Scaggs.
It's been a sad few weeks. :(


I feel a great loss today too. I've seen a lot of music in my day but never the Eagles. I'm sad about that. Peaceful Easy Feeling...never gets old.


I've been thinking about this also. I don't know if it's the loss of people that shaped our lives at such a critical time, and maybe reminders of our own mortality, but they certainly are sad losses. I'm listening to Desperado today ...


Ugh. What a few weeks we've had!!


These entertainers gave us the soundtrack of our lives. And it does feel like losing old friends.


So well said!!! I feel the same way. Thank you.


Yes. I feel like I'm grieving, too, especially over Alan Rickman.


The Eagles were the soundtrack of my life with my good friends as we left college, got married started a family and came together in a house in Vermont on some weekends. One of our group called into a radio station to dedicate a song to the "Vermont Crew". The song was Desperado. Sadly that friend passed away several years later from cancer making the song even more poignant.


We used to have a housemate whose cousin was Bernie Leadon, a member of the band. She told us the story about when the band was on the cover of Rolling Stone in the 1970s and her grandma, who was of course also Bernie's grannie, wanted a copy of the magazine. But, being 70+, she had no idea how to get one. So she called Dayton's, the Minneapolis version of Marshall Field/Macy's/Hudson's, and had one mailed to her house.

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