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Throwback: A Tale of Two Afghans

Headline News

 My life . . . reduced to headlines again. 


Life comes to grinding halt for 24 hours as local woman prepares to host book group at home.


Woman credits cookbook maven Ina Garten for highly successful menu:  Reports "We'll be eating leftover Israeli Couscous & Tuna Salad for a week, though."


Disaster narrowly averted:  wagging tails threaten full wine glasses on coffee table.  No spills reported.


Book group first:  All members finish book.  Engaging discussion ensues.


Hostess collapses with one more glass of of wine after guests depart.  Exclaims "I'm so glad that's over."


Happy Friday.  Here's to a nice and relaxing weekend for all of you.


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Sounds like a successful evening! That's all that counts. Hope your weekend is relaxing and uneventful!


Love the near dog tail disaster story--so relatable. And the photo--is it from the excursion with your mom? Happy weekend!


I'm glad your evening was a success! What was the book that everyone finished? That is headline news!


I think I will be hosting book club here in a few weeks but it's only 2 other women and they are very good friends - no stress at all in having them over!


I am finally doing that book group I discussed with you. March will be had by all!


That is exactly like when I hosted book group, although we confined the dogs elsewhere in the house.


Great headlines! Sounds like a wonderful evening was had by all. Glad the wine glasses didn't get wiped out by the enthusiastic dog tail wagging-lol.


sounds like a huge success...especially since everyone finished the book and you could have a real discussion (like Bonny, curious about the title)

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