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Friday Mailbag

It's time, once again, to reach into the Friday mailbag!


Dear Winter:

I figured you'd show up.  Eventually.  You were just hiding from us, in that sometimes-coy way of yours.  I'm okay with you being here.  Really.  Just make sure you leave town before March.  Okay?


Dear Woman at D&W:

You looked so cold on Monday, there in the deli section, with your too-light North Face waterproof shell pulled over your hoodie.  And those Hunter waterproof boots.  I think you were visibly shivering.  (It was only 12ºF, after all.)  But when you approached me and asked, "Are those lined leggings?" my heart warmed.  "Yes," I answered.  And then, with a hopeful whimper, you asked, "Did you buy them locally?  I just moved here from San Diego.  And I'm cold."  And my heart melted altogether.  I explained where I had bought my super-warm, lined leggings.  And then, when you reached out to touch my full length down coat, I told you where I got that, too.  I forgot to mention the boots, though.  You really need some lined winter boots . . . (Welcome to Michigan, by the way.)


Dear Alabama Chanin:

I hope you'll understand, but I need to stop seeing you.  It was bad enough when I visited your website and you dangled that Build-a-Wardrobe plan in front of me.  But now, you're even sending me email promotions.  And utilizing social media.  All with a single-minded purpose:  To tease me with your oh-so-tantalizing Build-a-Wardrobe program.  Oh, you don't care that I want you so badly, do you?  So. Badly.  In fact, I'm sure that's your strategy.  But I will be strong.  I will look away.  I will give us some space.  Because you are out of my league.


Dear January People:

I try hard to like you.  Really I do.  I try to hard to embrace you and your New Year's resolutions.  But it's so hard.  Because there are so many of you.  And because you seem to be in the way of all the things I do for twelve months of the year.  I will not be lying when I say . . . good riddance . . . to those of you with not quite enough resolve to last longer than February.


Happy weekend!


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Oh that poor woman from San Diego! I'm glad she spoke to you and that you could help her. My gym seems to be missing the January People this year. Yay! I think it's because we are undergoing massive renovations and everything is in flux but whatever the reason I am glad!


I'm waiting out the January people too! And that poor woman...San Diego to Michigan! Have a wonderful weekend Kym! xo


I receive something from Alabama Chanin every day...and every day is a the build-a-wardrobe program BIG time...but the commitment to do all that sewing by hand seems a bit daunting at the moment! This is a goal for down the road as I don't have the skills to do this...yet! But I'm sure as hell going to work towards it because I think her clothes are jaw-dropping beautiful!


Brrrr. Poor thing.

I have been ever so slightly tempted by Build A Wardrobe, but I'm not crazy about ALL of the pieces. (I did buy the Maggie Dress pattern separately, though. Ha!)


Curse you, AC! (not really) I know the feeling; Martin Storey and Rowan are pursuing and tempting me with his KAL 2 blanket. I do hope the woman from San Diego warms up and learns that "there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Stay warm and have a great weekend!


You were so very kind to help that poor frozen woman. She'll have to figure things out how fleece, wool and down are her friends or she won't last through one winter. I am very enticed by the BaW but I'd rather put that amount of money into a couple of pieces I like more. I'm looking at the Classic Coat and maybe another T, but with custom stenciling. We'll see! AC I love you.


Arrrrgh! You're guilting me from the gym until February. Seriously, it's not entirely about a New Year resolution. It's more of a we might as well wait until the holidays are behind us thing.

On another note, telling winter to leave before March???? Isn't that tempting the devil?


Where did you get those lined leggings? I'm always looking for ones that don't ride down.

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

What? I thought Alabama Chanin was only reaching out to meeeeeeeeeeee. ;-)


Lined leggings? I'd love a pair...and it almost never gets below 20 degrees here. Good luck withstanding the January people. There haven't been as many at my gym this year. I'm certainly not complaining! Happy Weekend!

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