2015: About the Knitting
Christmases Long, Long Ago


Does this happen to you?  Because it happens to me every year, beginning just before Thanksgiving.

Meet a friend for lunch?

Let's get together after the holidays.

Negotiable deadline for work?

Let's set it for after the holidays.

Pick up my knitting/sewing/drawing for fun?

No time now; it'll have to wait for after the holidays.

Committee meeting?

Let's skip December and meet right after the holidays.

Committment for a friend?

After the holidays.

Follow-up doctor appointment?

After the holidays.

FullSizeRender 48

Basically, then, to get through the tradition and fun and celebration that is The Holidays, I push All The Normal Things into my After the Holidays closet.

And now . . . now that it IS after the holidays . . . it's time to pay the piper!

I opened the closet door.  Everything has tumbled out.

I call it Holiday Backlash . . .

and I am So There.

(Happy weekend.  I'll be dealing with the mess all around me.)




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I kind of get that! Have a nice weekend and I hope it all shakes out, try wine...it may help! :-)


Absolutely! I've dealt with some of the detritus like a grownup, but some of the mess from my "After the Holidays" closet has been shoved into the "February Looks Good" cupboard. That is the perfect photo for Holiday Backlash!


yes - that's it EXACTLY! I'm just glad Marc's gone this week so I can let some of my "regular life" slide (laundry, making the bed, keeping the counter clean :-) Best wishes for a productive weekend!


I get it! I opened my pantry yesterday to get some ingredients to bake some cookies, and my super organized shelves looked like a tornado went through them. I dragged everything out, washed down the shelves, consolidated, consolidated, consolidated some more, purged some and finally got everything back in order! Now to tackle the dismantling of the tree...it's fun putting it up...not so much fun organizing everything to put away. Friends who don't celebrate Christmas tell me they just don't "get it"- and there's no way to explain! Happy getting back to reality!


Yep, and add to that I'm always slow about "putting away" the stuff from the Holidays -- Happy January. Oh yeah, there's this -- one of my sisters and I have birthdays in January, so in a way, the holidays aren't over.


That photo is the perfect illustration for your post, I love it! This used to always happen at work because our budgets were due right after the holidays and boy did that suck. Our new Town Administrator, however, had us turn them in back in October. So I'm all la-di-da over here. Actually, I'm enjoying my first commitment-free Friday since before Halloween, I think!


You a re so right! But, like Carole, I am not ready to shoo Christmas out just yet. So, it'll just be busy and busy!


January is a dull month, long, not much going on, and I find I'd like to have a little more happening, but not to the point you do. Hope you have a little time to relax and enjoy!


Our Friends of the Library group decided to meet only every other month in 2016 -- so that is w-a-y after the holiday!


Sort of... much to do, but little motivation!! (I am not on any committees, etc.) I call it January BLAHS. You know it's bad when a highlight is knowing that there will be 1 minute and 36 seconds more daylight tomorrow...

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