We Will Never Be Here Again
Trying to Forget It's Winter

Feels Like Summer

As I mentioned earlier this week, my Mom and I visited the Orchid Show in Grand Rapids last weekend.


I love orchids!  Every now and then, I pick one up somewhere (usually one of these) because I cannot resist their charms -- and especially in the dead of winter.  (I even got one to re-bloom once.  Not by skill; just by chance.)  I have no desire to become an orchid-grower.  (Too fussy.)  I just like to look -- and the Orchid Show is perfect for that.  Especially in January.


So how about I just show you some pretty pictures of incredible orchids?  (Because it's frigid and snowy and cold and dark.)





Makes you feel like summer, doesn't it?  (Well.  Sort of?)


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Those are stunning! I recently acquired an orchid (a Phalaenopsis) and I just hope I don't kill it!


These orchids are really beautiful in the dark and dreary dead of winter! I wish that pink and white one with the blue ribbon lived at my house. Longwood Gardens is starting their orchid display this weekend, and I will definitely be making a trip there to help me weather February. Thanks for sharing some (almost) summer!


That top one is spectacular! Thanks for the lift!


Sorry, orchids don't make me think of summer. They make me think of prom (back in the day). But wait, you're right...prom is in spring or early summer. Thanks for the beautiful photos!


The orchids are amazing in both color and shape. You have one eye-candy picture after another. Any diversion is good one cold, dreary winter days and orchids are a bright spot of color.


Color! This time of year I'm craving color! The orchids are breathtaking. What a world that we have such beauty to enjoy.

Cheryl S.

So pretty! I love orchids, too.

I have 9 on my windowsill (mostly phalaenopsis, they're the easy ones), and they usually rebloom twice a year. Six of them are sending up flower stalks now. I don't fuss over them at all - if they get the right light (bright indirect light), they're pretty happy.

I got one last year that's similar to the dark red one 4th photo down, but I don't know if that one will ever rebloom. It's putting out lots of new leaves, though.

I admit mine don't do as well as my mom's, but she has a humidifier in the room, keeps her apartment really warm, and fusses over them more. Hers are so pretty they look like they're artificial ones.




beautiful! people around here grow orchids in trees. it's not at all unusual to see those loose roots hanging from a branch in the front yard. of course they aren't blooming right now, but soon, maybe?

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