2015: About the Reading

2015: About the Knitting

In my continuing effort to wrap up 2015, let's talk about the knitting today.  

Here's a little screen shot of 2015's knitting, thanks to Ravelry.  Ten projects.  Seven shawls, two sweaters (one good, one bad), and a pair of mitts.  I'm pleased with all of these projects (well. . . except for that linen sweater).  

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.33.55 PM

The knitting has definitely slowed here - but that's okay.  While I may not be turning out as many projects as I have in years past, I still knit a few rows most every day.  My "production" has slowed for two main reasons:  (1) I'm knitting more challenging projects (lace shawls) -- and that just takes longer, and (2) I'm filling my time with other creative pursuits.  I made an Alabama Chanin t-shirt during 2015, and I started taking art classes.  And then, of course, I have the garden in the summer.  So the knitting is an ever-present pastime in my life, but not my only creative outlet.

There were some "fails," of course (because there always are).  There was this fine start - but not enough yarn.  And I signed up for the March Through Time Cowl, but never got "marching" (on the cowl, that is).  I also cast on for a pair of socks, but found the yarn too pool-y, which made me grumpy.  (So no socks this year.)

Other knitting highlights for 2015:

  • Rhinebeck.  That's been on my knit-bucket-list for . . . ever.  
  • KonMari-ing my stash.  Although I've never blogged it (not sure why, exactly), but I sliced-and-diced my stash last summer in a pretty drastic way.  And then I organized my "keepers" on Ravelry.  (No worries.  I still have plenty of yarn.)
  • By-passing the Christmas-knitting Crazy Train.  (And that was wonderful.)

I'm looking forward to a creative 2016 -- starting with a new "Knit Night" (for me; I'm joining a group already in progress) tonight, and a little project that's nearly ready for cast off.  (Stay tuned!)





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B-e-a-utiful! I'm especially loving how warm and snuggly your Deep Ends look, as we've finally gotten some winter weather here.

I hope your Knit Night is lots of fun! In my quest for a knitting group, I attended a fiber group meeting just yesterday, but I don't think it's a good match. Four hours of assigned and enforced charity knitting during the day and very little fun. I'm looking for something with a little more wine and laughter!


Those are all beautiful items, really showing your knitting skills, too! I think your production for 2015 was higher than mine - I'm scared to look at Ravelry and count! A new knit night sounds like a great idea, I hope you find many kindred spirits there!


The stash busting is very liberating--I have given lots of y,are to friends and former students who make hats and other items for good causes. I juSt finished knitting a cardigan from some beautiful yarN that had been languishing in my stash for years. Feels good!


Your production may have slowed, but you have many true winners in your 2015 knitting. Every single one of your shawls are fabulous and even the linen sweater made a good photo shoot. Sorry it didn't work out. Talk about slow? I have a total of two shawls and one pair of mitts for 2015.


You finished ten AWESOME knits!! I hope you enjoy knit night. Knitting with friends is one of my favorite activities - not only does it give me time to knit, it also keeps me really inspired.


Knit night! ::sigh:: Wish there was one here (and no, I am not going to start one)

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