Stepping Away
Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We Gathered Together

Thanksgiving . . . already seems like it was a long, long time ago.

(Doesn't it?)

But it was really just a little over a week ago that we all gathered together . . . 


to eat


and share


and laugh! *


Brian and Lauren were busy with preparations for their reception (more on that later this week), so they were (mostly) on the go.

Erin and Keith hung around, though, and jumped right in to the "Craft Friday" concept.  (Making your own gifts, rather than shopping the Black Friday sales.)


Although I can't give anything away (there are blog-readers among their intended gift-recipients), I can say that they enjoyed the process AND their final results.  (They also cleaned up after themselves!)  (I love having adult children.)


Now that my kids both live so far from home, it's a rare thing to have all of us in the same place.  It was wonderful to share Thanksgiving weekend with ALL of them.

I enjoyed every moment!


*  When we were taking photos out on the patio, I was directing everyone AWAY from the grill . . . so we'd have a nicer background for the shots.  These two???  Not so much.




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It must have been so wonderful to all be together for that time. Grown up kids are pretty awesome.


These are the best photos, even the grill one! It's also a very rare occurrence for us to have everyone together, so I know the thrill of anticipation and the even better feeling of actually having all of us together under one roof. It's the best!

I recognize the ingredients on your kitchen counter, just having made a batch myself. Mmm ... delicious!


So nice that you didn't stay away too long. My sibs will all be here at Christmas and I am thinking it would be fun to follow your example of a day of crafting. You got it goin on, girlfriend.


These photos are priceless - you can just "feel" the love and laughter and joy coming out of them!

Linda in VA


The Holidays are an important part of the year because they bring us together with our friends and family in joyful and celebratory ways! Your family is wonderful!!


wonderful photos!!! my family has a renewed appreciation for capturing all the moments... looks like y'all did a great job. and had fun doing it! (ps that red sweater is gorgeous on you!)


Great photos! Erin looks as though she never intends to let go of that grill!! :)

Isn't it great to have them all together? Mine don't even live far away and it just doesn't happen all that often... work, in-laws, etc., all get in the way. Time to be cherished, for sure. (I've said, for years, that I miss when the kids were little and *I* was in complete control.)

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