Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
So. . . We Had a Little Reception

That Gingerbread Time of Year

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might recall that we decorate gingerbread houses on Thanksgiving evening -- once all the plates are cleared away.

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I always bake the gingerbread house pieces about a week before Thanksgiving.  It's a rather tedious process.  I use a Pampered Chef mold (that I bought back in 1992), and I have to fill the mold twice for each house.  (We're up to four now -- so that's a lot of baking.)


After the roof cave-in disaster a couple years ago, I actually construct the houses in advance now.  I find I'm much more patient when I know I'm not going to start gluing candy to it right away!  


When it's time to decorate, we organize the candy offerings -- and let our imaginations run free!*


This year, Erin was inspired by some Little Monster birthday candles. . .


leading to one of the more colorful gingerbread houses in recent history!


Lauren opted for a more simple and traditional look for her house.


My Mom worked a peppermint theme.


And I tried something completely new (for us).  I used a can of cake decorating frosting and went crazy on the roof.  (It took almost a week to dry.)


As always, decorating gingerbread houses with my family is the BEST way to kick off the Christmas season!


* In putting together this post, I realized that I never took "finished" photos of our houses (except mine); all the shots are "in progress."  Oh, well.  Imagine them all Even More Wonderful!


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They are great - I love that they are all different and reflect each person's personality, too.


I love these pictures. Hopefully your family eats these delicious looking houses eventually.


You've got some pretty fancy schmancy roofs going there! Love it!


I love this tradition and all the different takes on one thing! Every year! ;)


Each one of these is even more wonderful in its own way! The kids and I used to make a gingerbread house when they were young, but we haven't done it in years. I think it's time for me to bake a few houses so we can decorate them at Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration!


These houses are beyond cool! What fun!


The houses are all very festive and you must have a great time building them (and eating candy)! What happens to the house once you're finished? Do you eat them? Does each person takes theirs home? Do you have a gingerbread house destruction party for the men?

Cheryl S.

Cute! And a fun activity for all.


Oh my! Love all of them!! Tried to pick my favorite - but couldn't. They are ALL my favorites. Fear if I tried to make these, I'd have to run to the store to buy more candy as I'd be snacking on it all - LOL!

Linda in VA


yep, Lauren is a keeper for sure! does she know she's going to have to "top" this year...forever?!


So very Fun!

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