We Gathered Together


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Exactly. How did the first week of December get so crazy? I feel like I'm in a bumper car. Enjoy your break.


Enjoy your break, you certainly earned it!


See you next week! Enjoy!


Breathe! While teaching an ESL class, I did something I'd never done before--lost it and screamed at my students. One of the boys (a very handsome and personable lad) walked right over, threw his arms around me and said, " Breathe, Mrs. Morgan, breath!" He was right--that's always a good idea!


It is indeed a busy time. The ole holiday freight train barreling out of control down the tracks stopping for no one in its path. Yes, "breathe" is a good mantra right now. Enjoy your time away from this space.


Garden Buddha seems to be encouraging you to take a deep, cooling breath. Look forward to seeing you back next week. refreshed!

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