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In the Midst

So. . . We Had a Little Reception

As you already know, Brian and Lauren eloped in late October.  To celebrate with family and friends, they threw a grand reception on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


And - WOW!  What a party!

As the groom's mom, I didn't have anything to do with the planning or preparation.  Lauren and her mom, though?  Oh.My.God.  They went all out to create an absolutely perfect event! 


(I'm not kidding here.  Pinterest . . . come to life!)


Everything was PERFECT.  It was lovely and special and intimate.  And . . . most of all . . . it really reflected Brian and Lauren -- who they are and how they like to do things.


And we had an awfully lot of fun together, too.  (It's not often my whole family gets all dressed up at the same time!)






And even though he's all-grown-up and a Married Man (and all that), there's still plenty of THIS to go around . . . 


(Yeah.  Locked out.  Ha.Ha.)

 It was a wonderful celebration.  Filled with . . . 


and all about these two!


What a wonderful, perfect celebration!


The first four photos in this post are courtesy of Alyssa McElheny, photographer.  (The rest are mine.  I'm sure that's evident!)  When the rest of the official photos come out, maybe I'll share them with you.  (For now . . . this is all I've got!)





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This is the best! To be able to have everyone together at the same time, dressed up, and celebrating, all without having to plan and carry out a million irritating and time-consuming details sounds like heaven to me! Your family cleans up nicely. ;-)


It looks like such a wonderful time, thanks for sharing these photos.


So fun... and gorgeous! The people, the decor, the food... perfect.
Love the "locked out" photo. Haha!


It looks like a wonderful celebration! Congratulations to them & you!


Wow! What a wonderful day. And they look so happy. Here's to love!


What a wonderful gathering! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all.


The bride and groom as beautiful together and it's wonderful to see your whole family having a great time together while celebrating a very happy event!

Sue N

Lovely X

Cheryl S.

Looks like it was fabulous!



Oh, and I want that cake please - yes, the whole thing!

Linda in VA


It pays to be the mother of the groom! It looks like a great time--thanks for sharing--especially the "boys will be boys" photo! Oh, and the cute couple whose son is the groom!

Maranatha Mulhern

What a lovely couple! Looks like a grand event. Congratulations to Brian & Lauren, and to you & Tom, too! Thanks so much for sharing with us - mm


Such a beautiful celebration in so many ways. What a gorgeous bride and groom. You are as always an inspiration.

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